Trailer Roundup: ‘My Dinner with Herve’, ‘Bigger’, ‘Black Monday’, ‘Never-Ending Man’, ‘Wayne’, ‘The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell’, ‘Molly’

We often give entire posts to trailers for big movies. But every now and then, a few smaller trailers slip through the cracks. That’s where a trailer roundup comes in handy. Here is where we compile movie and TV trailers for titles under the radar, because every title deserves a little love. Below you’ll see […]

The Never-Ending Struggle to Sustain a Small Business

Editor’s Note: This article is part of Exit Interview, a series of conversations about leaving one’s career. Like many theater rats, the actress Delissa Reynolds had juggled auditions with an on-and-off office job, “daylighting” as a temp at Citibank. She had some success as an actor, even landing two roles on Law and Order. But […]

A Retirement-Savings Crisis Is Creating Lives of Never-Ending Work

CORONA, California—Roberta Gordon never thought she’d still be alive at age 76. She definitely didn’t think she’d still be working. But every Saturday, she goes down to the local grocery store and hands out samples, earning $ 50 a day, because she needs the money. “I’m a working woman again,” she told me, in the […]

The Neverending Foreclosure

GLENDORA, California—In retrospect, refinancing their home was a bad idea. But the Santillan family never thought that it would lead them to foreclosure, or that they’d spend years bouncing among hotels and living in their car. The parents, Karina and Juan, never thought it would force three of their four children to leave the schools […]

Never-ending construction: Berlin’s unfinished airport still plagued by ‘fundamental faults’

Berlin’s international airport in Brandenburg has turned into a sort of unending construction project due to numerous technical problems. Now, even the airport systems that were deemed ready-to-use were found to be malfunctioning. More than 2,000 days since the initially scheduled opening, the end of construction of the infamous airport dubbed “the building site of […]

Appeals court keeps alive the never-ending Linux case, SCO v. IBM

Enlarge / The IBM logo is seen on its building’s headquarters in New York on Tuesday, December 22, 2015. (credit: Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images) A federal appeals court has now partially ruled in favor of the SCO Group, breathing new life into a lawsuit and a company (now bankrupt and nearly dead) that has been […]

Never-ending fumble leaves Louisiana Tech with third-down-and-93 to go against Mississippi State

@HailStateFB/Twitter Louisiana Tech had a tough Saturday. Down 57-14 to Mississippi State in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs were in the red zone looking to make the final box score a bit less of a blowout. Then, a wild snap on second and goal sent the ball over quarterback J’Mar Smith’s head, leading to a fumble that […]

Suffering with a never-ending cough? It could be a result of inhaling THIS

In a 2016 report assessing the impact of air pollution on public health in the UK, it was suggested that every year, outdoor pollution is linked to around 40,000 deaths. The report produced by the Royal College of Physicians and the College of Paediatrics and Child Health, added that air pollution can have a damaging […]

Never-ending treadmill for ants could aid development of miniature robotics

Researchers in Germany have successfully tested a miniature treadmill built for ants with the hopes of deciphering the insects’ navigation capabilities, which could prove invaluable to the field of miniature robotics. The ants were tethered to a support beam using a filament of dental floss, which was glued to their backs, but allowed them enough […]