IDF soldier shoots 2 neighbors, attacks 3 with ax, after confiscated gun given back by ‘accident’

An Israeli soldier, previously investigated and stripped of his weapon for violent behavior, has shot two people in his hometown and attacked three more with an ax, following a social media brawl over municipal elections. The IDF soldier, whose name was not released but who was on leave after a previous violent incident, engaged in […]

Ring’s Neighbors app is a modern take on neighborhood watches

Smart doorbell company Ring, recently acquired by Amazon, wants to drive a new style of neighborhood watch. Neighbors is a standalone app that takes the quasi-social networking aspect of the Ring app and breaks it out into a standalone application for Android and iOS, no Ring hardware required. It isn’t the only app to do […]

McLaren 570S Spider Canada Commission is for our northern neighbors

McLaren’s MSO custom division seems to stay quite busy. Every few months they seem to have a new special configuration to offer buyers. Sometimes they’re a bit silly or unimpressive, but other times they create something really unique and cool. This McLaren 570S Spider falls into the latter category. It’s called the Canada Commission, and […]

Giant atom hides its neighbors under a single-electron skirt

Enlarge (credit: Technische Universität Wien) You may be familiar with matryoshka dolls: nested sets of painted figurines that fit within painted figurines. In the case of wooden dolls, the concept is pretty straightforward: hollow out a large bit and fit smaller bits in. You might think that doing the same thing with atoms is kind […]

Airbnb has removed listings in Beijing and canceled bookings during China’s annual parliament because it wants to be ‘good neighbors’

WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images Airbnb has cancelled bookings and removed listings in Beijing until March 30. The company confirmed to Business Insider it made the decision due to “external factors” and that it always tries to be “good neighbors.” The removal of listings seems to coincide with China’s annual legislature meeting, which takes place in Beijing […]

Some species could survive ocean acidification by leaning on neighbors

Enlarge (credit: Klaus Stiefel / Flickr) The direct chemical effect of our CO2 emissions on our planet’s oceans gets far less attention than the indirect effects caused by global warming. But CO2 lowers the seawater’s pH—known as “ocean acidification”—and this  has been shown to be a serious problem for many species. Acidification makes it harder for […]

When Neighbors Were the Morality Police

William Drinkwater had been abusive to his wife, Elizabeth. The couple’s neighbors in Ridgefield, Connecticut, knew about it — and knew it wasn’t right. While some British colonies in North America had laws against spousal abuse, they weren’t always enforced, which seemed to be the case in the otherwise peaceful community tucked into the Berkshire […]

Drunk Missouri man ‘mistakes neighbor’s house for his own, chokes owner taking him for intruder'

A man in a small Missouri town is accused of choking his 60-year-old military veteran neighbor to death after apparently stumbling into his house thinking it was his own, and mistaking the homeowner for an intruder. The story unfolded last week, when officers in Raytown, Missouri received a 911 call reporting a home intrusion. The […]

Heartland startups can avoid Silicon Valley’s pitfalls by being better neighbors

GUEST: Most articles written about startup scenes outside of the coasts use the phrase “the next Silicon Valley.” As in, St. Louis or Pittsburgh is poised to be the “next Silicon Valley.” But do these cities really want to be the next Silicon Valley? It’s a serious question. While the Bay Area is known for […]