The Beachside French Cathedral With Nearby Kitesurfing and Nude Sunbathing

Since I’ve stumbled across a number of ancient chapels and churches in unexpected places over the years, it shouldn’t have come as such a shocker one summer in the south of France, next to the Mediterranean, near a narrow spit of land to the west of Palavas-les-Flots (a resort town just south of Montpellier). But […]

Facebook tests Snapchat-like map for Nearby Friends

Facebook’s eagerness to replicate Snapchat features might extend beyond particularly conspicuous elements like Stories and selfie filters. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s testing a rework of Nearby Friends that introduces visuals uncannily like Snapchat’s Snap Map. While the conventional list is still there, testers can see friends grouped by city and neighborhood. […]

89 people have been killed in landslides in Japan, millions evacuated from nearby areas

Kyodo/Reuters 89 people have been killed and millions have been evacuated from areas affected by landslides in western Japan.  Rescuers are continuing to search for people as many are believed to be trapped in their homes amid heavy flooding. Authorities on Sunday ordered evacuations for up to 5.9 million people in 19 nearby prefectures. More than […]

Google Maps street view: Naked beach sunbather finds a nearby pole useful for THIS reason

Google Maps is a constant source of entertainment, showing everything from the shocking to the downright hilarious.  A recently unveiled image taken from Google Maps shows a scene which is both weird and wonderful, taken on a beach in the US. The sunbather is completely naked, which is surprising in itself given that everyone around […]

Hubble spots pitch-black exoplanet so hot it ‘eats light’ from nearby star

Scientists studying the exoplanet WASP-12b have made a startling discovery: the planet is so hot it reflects almost no light, making it appear pitch-black. An international team of astronomers from McGill University, Canada and the University of Exeter, UK measured how much light is reflected by the exoplanet, otherwise known as its ‘albedo,’ in order […]

Plane makes harrowing landing in Sochi as tornadoes rip through Black Sea nearby (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Aug, 2017 06:53 Edited time: 30 Aug, 2017 06:57 A plane was filmed landing in the Russian city of Sochi with three tornadoes right behind it. Up to twelve tornadoes were spotted off the coast on the same day, and it is the second week in a row that the columns have […]

A nearby Sun-like star hosts four Earth-sized planets

Exoplanet discoveries are getting pretty common, so it takes something special to catch our attention. A star called Tau Ceti fits the bill, as it’s just 12 light years away and unlike the Trappist-1 red dwarf, is very similar to our own yellow dwarf (G-type) sun. Researchers have determined that it probably hosts planets like […]

Android apps can find nearby devices even when they’re offline

If you’ve ever wished that your smartphone’s apps would automatically do your bidding the moment you neared a device, you’re in luck. After previewing it at I/O in May, Google has made the second generation of its Nearby Connections toolkit available to Android developers. The updated framework uses Bluetooth and WiFi to find nearby devices, […]