Germany lifts strict constitutional ban on Nazi symbols in video games

Germany has softened its longstanding and strict ban on swastikas and other Nazi symbols, to allow their inclusion in computer and video games, after a heated public debate over the Wolfenstein video game franchise. The lifting of the ban on Nazi symbols, if used in a “socially adequate” way, was announced by a German industry […]

Amazon removes Nazi and white supremacist listings

Amazon’s policy prohibits the sale of racist and ‘hatred-glorifying’ goods, but a couple of watchdog groups recently found Nazi and white supremacist products sold on the platform. Those products include jewelry adorned with Nazi swastikas and even a children’s book normalizing racist beliefs written by George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party. Now […]

‘This bigoted fool should get ZERO votes’: Ted Cruz backs Democrat over Nazi GOP in Illinois

Ted Cruz may have urged voters to choose a Democratic candidate instead of a self-confessed Nazi running for a congressional seat in Illinois, but the internet is giving him very little credit for speaking out. Cruz took to Twitter to condemn Arthur Jones, the Holocaust-denying Republican candidate for the third district of Illinois, ahead of […]

English fan gets football ban after giving Nazi salute in city of Stalingrad battle

One of the English fans that was filmed giving Nazi salutes and singing a Hitler song in a bar in the Russian city of Volgograd, the site of a major WWII battle, has been banned from attending games for five years by a UK court. British police and the Football Association launched a joint investigation […]

Sam Rockwell to Play a Nazi Captain in Taika Waititi’s ‘Jojo Rabbit’

Sam Rockwell won an Oscar earlier this year for his portrayal of a violent and racist cop in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but the actor isn’t taking the usual post-Oscar path. Instead of using his newfound clout to take a starring role in another prestige picture, an action vehicle, or a superhero movie, his […]

‘Swing Kids’ Revisited: Does the Nazi Jitterbug Drama for Kids Still Hold Up?

(Welcome to Nostalgia Bomb, a series where we take a look back on beloved childhood favorites and discern whether or not they’re actually any good. In this edition: a look back at Swing Kids, the early ’90s drama about dancing in the face of Nazism starring a young Christian Bale). For about three months in 1998, everyone […]

Zakharova reminds Johnson of top-tier Brits at 1936 Nazi Olympics after Putin-Hitler innuendo

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has rebuked Boris Johnson’s comparison between the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany – with a list of British dignitaries that attended the 1936 event. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson earlier agreed with an MP who said that “Putin is going to use […]

Escape from a Nazi death camp: Film on Soviet prisoner-led revolt in Sobibor to premiere in April

Based on a true story of how a Soviet officer led a daring revolt at a Nazi death camp in Poland, ‘Sobibor’ is set to screen in late April. The film aims to preserve the historical truth about mass murders of Soviet POWs and Jews. Located on the Polish territory not far from the Ukrainian […]

Sir Donald Wolfit: The man who defied Nazi bombs to bring the Bard to the people

Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Sir Donald Wolfit is the forgotten man of British theatre IT is October 1940, one month into the Blitz. A German bombing raid has caused great damage to the Strand Theatre in London. The back of the building lies in ruins. The demolition squad wave away a man who wants to enter the […]