NASA’s planet-hunting TESS spacecraft snaps its first photo

TESS, NASA’s new exoplanet-hunting spacecraft, has captured its first image ever, giving us a glimpse of what its powerful “eyes” can see. The spacecraft’s science team used one of its four cameras to snap a two-second test exposure as part of their preparations now that TESS is only a month away from officially starting its […]

NASA’s Orion spacecraft getting closer to finally flying again

Enlarge / NASA’s Orion spacecraft and its launch abort system shown in this rendering of the Ascent Abort-2 test flight. (credit: NASA) It’s been a long three-and-a-half years since the Orion spacecraft first launched into space in December 2014, making a successful shake-out flight. But now, NASA’s program aimed at building a large, deep-space capsule […]

NASA’s Orion crew capsule will have over 100 3D printed parts

It’s not just revolutionary start-ups like Rocket Lab that are using 3D printing to create their rockets and spaceships. NASA’s new crew capsule Orion will have over 100 3D printed parts specially developed by prime contractor Lockheed Martin, in cooperation with 3D printing experts Stratasys and the engineering firm PADT. According to Stratasys, these parts […]

SpaceX is about to launch NASA’s revolutionary planet-hunting telescope — here’s how and when to watch it live

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center NASA’s new planet-hunting telescope is scheduled to launch Monday aboard a SpaceX rocket. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) may find thousands of worlds relatively close to Earth. Scientists hope to discover about 50 small, rocky planets that may be habitable to alien life. SpaceX and NASA TV will broadcast […]

Space hunter: Scientists pin alien exoplanet hopes to NASA’s latest sky scanner (VIDEO)

Mankind’s hunt for alien life and potentially habitable planets continues Monday, when a new rocket will push through the Earth’s atmosphere carrying precious NASA cargo. Instead of the regular care packages usually sent to NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, SpaceX hopes to fire an exoplanet satellite known as TESS into the great expanse. […]

NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope is running out of fuel

NASA’S Kepler telescope is running out of fuel and will shut down within several months, according to the agency. The groundbreaking space observatory has discovered more than 2,300 planets. After nine years in flight around Earth’s orbit, the telescope has defied the limits of the original mission plan and survived every mechanical malfunction, beaming back […]