BBC News: 'You can't afford to get up and leave' Naga Munchetty SNAPS during debate

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga, 43, was joined on the programme by her co-host Jon Kay to present the day’s news and events. In one segment, the journalists were joined by the cardiology consultant Cara Hendry to talk about the rising impact of pollution on health as well as lifestyle problems. Yet as the guest attempted […]

BBC Breakfast: Sadiq Khan REFUSES to answer Naga Munchetty after Donald Trump probe

BBC Breakfast was hosted by John Kay and Naga Munchetty this morning and joining them live from City Hall, was London Mayor Sadiq Khan to discuss the comments Donald Trump made about him yesterday.  However, despite Munchetty’s attempts, Khan refused to comment on Trump’s opinion of him.  Munchetty asked: “What’s your reaction?  “Well look, I’m not going to […]

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt snaps back at Naga Munchetty over financial segment jibe

Sean Farrington, who was sat with a guest ready to present the business segment on travel insurance, quizzed Charlie about his knowledge. He said: “If you go away in the UK do you get travel insurance for that?” Charlie replied: “Well, probably not, is the answer?” To which Sean replied, jokingly, “Well, no need to […]

BBC Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood hits back at 'rude' Naga Munchetty jibe ’Stop your nagging!’

The moment unfolded on BBC Breakfast as Carol Kirkwood gave her weather report following sport correspondent Mike Bushell’s segment delivered live from the Gold Coast in Australia. Charlie Stayt drew attention to the sunny weather in the region, and Naga couldn’t help but take a swipe at Carol. Naga said: “Carol, would you be upset […]

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty caught COMPLETELY off-guard in live gaffe

The BBC Breakfast duos are used to their fair share of live TV gaffes.  Despite their professionalism, there will always be moments Naga and Charlie are caught off-guard.  Today was no different as the duo aired a news report about the ongoing Russian spy poisoning saga.  A production gaffe caused them to appear on screen […]

BBC Breakfast blunder – Naga Munchetty apologises after viewers spot epic LIVE failure

Naga Munchetty, 43, has apologised for mispronouncing the word Wisbech – a small town outside Peterborough – on BBC Breakfast. Speaking about a police incident in the town, Naga said: “A driver who hit speeds of up to 139 miles per hour while fleeing police has been jailed for 21 months. “Rimell Taylor led the […]

BBC Breakfast's Charlie Stayt riles Naga Munchetty with shock Botox swipe: 'Be quiet'

When he inferred that one of his female colleagues was old, Naga Munchetty couldn’t hold her tongue. As the duo presented a news piece on camels at a Saudi Arabian pageant being given Botox to improve their appearance, the subject turned to human cosmestic procedures. BBC Breakfast sport reporter Sonali Shah chimed in on the […]

BBC Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood SHOCKS co-star Naga Munchetty as she reveals Christmas plans

The meteorologist left her co-star shocked after explaining what she had in store for December 25. Naga, 42, quizzed Carol, 55, on her plans for Christmas day, asking: “How much prep have you done for the big feast you’re putting on?” “Absolutely none because I’m eating out. It’s got to be done, it’s too much,” […]

BBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty stares daggers at Dan Walker during ‘painful’ rehearsal

Naga appeared to be unimpressed with the presenter’s singing ability as they rehearsed for an upcoming show. While Dan, 40, belted out a Christmas carol Naga, 42, could be seen sceptically watching on.  Although the father-of-three seemed to be relishing the opportunity to sing, his colleague was clearly dissatisfied and shot him a cold stare. […]

BBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty red-faced after guest CORRECTS her during awkward interview

The 42-year-old had been quizzing athlete Tony Bowman about his incredible sprinting success at the mature age of 82, when she found herself being corrected by him. After Tony mentioned that he had ran the 100 metres in 14 seconds, Naga quickly pointed out that his sprint was just seconds behind world record holder Usain […]