Princes in the tower MYSTERY: Bid to EXHUME 'Richard III victims' to finally crack case

Portrait of Richard III (Image: GETTY IMAGES/SUPERSTOCK RM) For five centuries historians have speculated on England’s greatest crime mystery with the prime suspect being Richard III, Plantagenet King of England. Now, M’lud, DNA evidence has been secured which could prove whether Richard was indeed guilty of killing the children of his predecessor and brother Edward […]

Google Maps uncovers mystery symbols – are they the entry to secret Scientology base?

Google Maps is one of the most widely-used tools in the world for viewing life across all four corners of the globe. Designed to help travellers navigate new areas, it has also inadvertently become a way to see people captured going about their daily lives. And as well as this, the tool has captured many […]

What is this man DOING? Mystery floating figure discovered floating in Australia dock

Google Maps is a unique platform where you can travel the world from the comfort of your sofa. The maps website has footage taken from all corners of the globe. This ranges from the mundane everyday to the weird and wonderful – it just depends where you look. One strange sight spotted recently was a mysterious […]

DB Cooper plane mystery solved? Sensational claims from new book reveals hijacker identity

DB Cooper was the name given by the FBI to the mystery man behind the famous plane hijacking in 1971. His identity appears to have remained a mystery until now, with a new book stating it has revealed the culprit of the event 46 years ago. The man is thought to be Walter R Reca, […]

Google Earth captures very romantic sight in Ohio that remains a mystery

Google Earth uses satellite imagery to map the entire globe for people to experience from the comfort of their own home. A number of beautiful landmarks and buildings around the world can now be spotted thanks to the new technology. Whilst many may use it find an address or directions, it has also unearthed some […]

Flash Recap: DeVoe's Plan Revealed — Plus, Mystery Girl Bombshell!

This week on The Flash, we and the team were finally enlightened about The Thinker’s grand plan, while flashbacks revealed what led Marlize to join Clifford’s mission. Plus, more Mystery Girl! RELATEDThe Flash Boss Teases Big Assists From Amunet and [Spoiler] First off, in flashbacks we saw how Marlize and Clifford “met cute” when he […]

Cool Stuff: The Incredibles Get a New Set of Funko POPs, Mystery Minis & More

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation are finally bringing The Incredibles back to the big screen with their eagerly anticipated sequel this summer. A new trailer just debuted before the weekend, and we’ll have a bunch of new details on the movie on Monday morning. But in the meantime, a slew of new merchandise from […]

‘Three Identical Strangers’ Trailer: Three Brothers Find Each Other (and a Mystery) in This Doc

What if one day you found out you had an identical twin that you’d never known about? That’d be a pretty life-altering experience. But imagine then learning that there’s actually a third sibling in the mix, and you were all separated at birth. That’s exactly what happened to Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, […]