Motorway warning: Ignoring THIS could soon land you with a fine and penalty points

The Home Office is currently testing new cameras to catch motorists who continue driving in a lane once a red warning X is displayed on the overhead gantry. Highways England said it expects the new enforcement regime to begin at the end of next March. The road-side cameras would automatically detect the lane violations and […]

WATCH: Drivers race dangerously on motorway but soon regret it when THIS happens

In a clip filmed on a dash cam and uploaded to Imgur, two black cars can be seen weaving in and out of traffic. Clearly racing each other, the cars speed up as the twist and turn between cars. But their risky behaviour soon takes a nasty turn, as one of the cars loses control. […]

These motorway driving offences could land you a HUGE fine – and a TOTAL BAN

Motorway driving is one of the most intimidating things a new driver can face, in part due to its omission from the current practical UK driving test. Learning how to drive correctly and safely on the motorway is crucial for all drivers and it seems that over time some drivers acquire poor driving habits which […]

WATCH: Japanese Prime Minister’s convoy stop traffic by doing THIS on the motorway

Anyone important in the world will always have a convoy of cars when travelling for protection. The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe is no different. However, as he attempted to merge onto a motorway, the men in his convoy of cars took it into their own hands to ensure his protection. It is definitely a […]

Motorway CHAOS, avoid the roads: 3.4 m cars hitting the roads on THIS day this weekend

With many school terms finishing for the summer holidays this week, 37 million leisure trips are predicted to hit the roads for the next two weeks.  Nightmare traffic is set to peak on Saturday as 3.4 million leisure journeys hit the roads n what is anticipated to be the worst traffic weekend this summer.  New […]

Out-of-control bus crushes car in horrific motorway pile-up (VIDEO)

Published time: 10 Jul, 2017 15:12 A horrific crash on a South Korean motorway which saw a bus driving over a row of vehicles was captured in dramatic dashcam. Two people were killed in the smash. The video shows a bus suddenly rising into the air, careering over multiple cars and completely crushing one under […]

WATCH: Hilarious moment police car does THIS to slow motorway driver

Bad drivers on the road can be a pain to pedestrians and other cars. From dangerous overtaking to speeding through red lights, they can be a menace on the road. However, sometimes even slow drivers can cause chaos if not in the correct lane. One police car decided to solve the situation in a somewhat […]

Motorway speed limit could be cut from 70mph to 60mph in shock new plans

GETTY Motorway speed limits in the UK could be cut from 70mph to 60mph in a bid to reduce air pollution Concerns have been raised that the amount of emissions a diesel car emits increases when vehicles are travelling at higher speeds.  Stretches of motorways with high levels of pollution could have the speed limits […]