Car insurance – Motorists can save £255 annually by using this simple trick

Running costs for young drivers have skyrocketed in the UK rising an extra £60 in the past six months. Now average premium costs for a motorists aged between 17-24 years old is £2,442 up from £2,381 in February. Car insurance for young drivers is now £140 more experience than it was two-years ago. The main […]

Storm floods Atlanta freeway, strands motorists (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A severe thunderstorm moving through northern Georgia has caused flash flooding on major roads in Atlanta, stranding motorists during the evening rush hour. Thunderstorm warnings on Friday afternoon predicted 60 mph (96 kph) winds and 1-inch (2.5 cm) hail. The heavy storm dumped over 2 inches (5 cm) of rain on the city in less […]

Rocky road: Motorist’s miraculous escape from shocking landslide (VIDEO)

A New Zealand motorist had a remarkably lucky escape after he narrowly avoided being crushed by a powerful landslide – and still managed to film the dramatic brush with death. The rock-laden slip came barrelling down the Waioeka Gorge in the Bay of Plenty on the country’s North Island, just meters away from the plucky […]

DRIVER WARNING: Millions of motorists putting their lives at risk by breaking road rules

Three in five drivers confessed to breaking the speed limit while just over half the cyclists questioned said they had used the pavement, putting pedestrians at risk. The survey for said one in five pedestrians have put their own lives at risk by failing to look both ways before crossing the road. A second […]

UK Travel chaos: Ice HAVOC at Gatwick and motorists DISRUPTED during morning commute

Gatwick Airport apologised to affected passengers and advised them to contact their airlines to be kept up to date. The airport tweeted: “We apologise to all passengers who have been delayed or had flights cancelled tonight, this is due to the prolonged cold snap and the essential de-icing requirements which have mounted during the afternoon […]

DRIVER WARNING: More than 6,000 motorists caught at least twice driving while distracted

Figures released yesterday by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency highlight the problem of repeat offenders. Over 400 drivers were caught three times, 20 were caught four times and three were even caught five times, according to a Freedom of Information request. Motoring groups warned the figures illustrate how a perceived lack of enforcement means […]

Driver WARNING – Thieves are targeting motorists defrosting their cars

Drivers are being warned about the threat of car thieves during the bad weather. Criminals are targeting cars being defrosted on driveways or by the side of the road, according to the AA.  As temperatures in the UK drop to as low as -13 degrees in some parts and thick snow frozen to the windscreen, […]

Should I buy a diesel car? Debate on fuel CONFUSING motorists

The September Market Report from Auto Trader, the UK’s largest marketplace for new and used cars, revealed the full extent of the impact the debate on fuel has had on consumer buying/selling behaviour and retail prices for used cars.  In contrast to reports that average used diesel car prices have fallen in recent months, Auto […]

THIS percentage of motorists will switch to an electric car in five years time

Men are driving the change, with 60 per cent saying they would choose an electric model, compared to 42 per cent of women, a survey by website Total EV reveals. But vehicle cost (27per cent), lack of infrastructure (22per cent) and driving range (20per cent) are the barriers to buying one. It shows 46 per […]

How not to get shot by police: Arizona updates manual for motorists

Published time: 25 Jul, 2017 19:16 Arizona’s driver manual is now offering tips on how to avoid getting shot by police in a response to deadly incidents at traffic stops. The revised rule book is believed to be the first in the US to include guidance for armed motorists. In Arizona, residents are allowed to […]