‘They’re laughing their asses off in Moscow’: Trump launches tweetstorm over Mueller indictments

US President Donald Trump’s recent tweets about perceived Russian collusion did not go over well with a number of netizens, who did not pull any punches when giving their take on the issue. On Friday, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian citizens and three Russian companies for interfering in the 2016 US presidential […]

At least 71 people are dead after a plane crashed near Moscow

Business Insider 71 people are dead after a plane crashed near Moscow. There were likely no survivors. The crash took place shortly after the plane took off from one of Moscow’s airports.  MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian passenger plane believed to be carrying 71 people crashed Sunday afternoon near Moscow, shortly after takeoff from one […]

Anti-Russian & ‘nothing to do with reality’: Moscow lambastes US Nuclear Posture Review

Washington seeks to justify its policy aimed at lowering the nuclear threshold by accusing Russia of an alleged “aggressive strategy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, commenting on the latest US Nuclear Posture Review. The US accusations against Moscow set out in the latest Nuclear Posture Review “have nothing do with reality,” the ministry said […]

Meet 'Russia's sexiest female football fan' – Spartak Moscow supporter Natalia Martynova (PHOTOS)

This is football-mad Natalia Martynova, a supporter of current Russian champions Spartak Moscow, who has been named Russia’s hottest football fan after a countrywide poll to find the most beautiful fan of the beautiful game. Martynova won the contest, hosted by betting company Bingoboom and sports website sports.ru by the smallest of margins, beating her […]

Radio silence after ‘very productive’ Putin-Netanyahu Moscow talks

Not many details have emerged from the lengthy Moscow talks between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the two leaders were expected to discuss military cooperation on Syria and Iran’s influence in the region. Russia’s president and the Israeli prime minister met in the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, where they also […]

Investigate chemical incidents in Syria instead of blaming Damascus & distorting our views – Moscow

Russia has called for an investigation of all chemical incidents in Syria, as the US has ignored all evidence of terrorist involvement while portraying the allegations against Damascus, based on shady sources, as the truth. “All the ongoing attempts by the US to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical warfare agents in combat against […]

US troops cannot stay in Syria without permission of Damascus – Moscow

Without the approval of the Syrian government the US military cannot stay in the country, Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy to Syria Aleksandr Lavrentiev said on Saturday. “Our position is absolutely clear – American troops should not stay in the territory of a sovereign state without the permission of its government,” he stated. The US military […]

Vancouver summit on N. Korea failed to provide alternative to Russian & Chinese proposals – Moscow

The joint US-Canada summit is just a “heavy-handed attempt” to undermine the decisions of the UNSC, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said. It added that the meeting failed to provide an alternative to the Russian-Chinese initiative. Read more Participants at the Vancouver summit failed to provide any alternative to the existing Chinese-Russian roadmap for easing the […]

Twilight zone: December plunged Moscow into darkness for entire month (PHOTOS)

Moscow could have easily become the number one tourist spot for Twilight Saga lovers, as the Russian capital received less than seven minutes of direct sunlight for the entirety of December – a perfect treat for vampire fans. December in Moscow is not exactly the brightest time of year anyway. Between the long nights and […]

Scrapping Iran deal could prove a grave error in US foreign policy – Moscow

Published time: 13 Jan, 2018 09:32 Edited time: 13 Jan, 2018 09:32 Russia has lambasted the apparent US intention to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and scrap the agreement. Such a move could be one of Washington’s grave foreign policy mistakes, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said. Moscow believes that Washington has either already […]