Hand-Drawn RPG ‘Nepenthe’ Offers Moral Choice With Each Battle

Nepenthe, on top of having a charming look reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I’d scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid, offers moral choice with its combat, letting players work toward saving the monsters and troublemakers that mean to thump them on the head. You […]

‘Moral crisis’: Gates, Buffett & Bezos richer than poorest half of America combined

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 09:25 The three richest people in the United States – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett – have a total wealth that exceeds the savings of America’s poorest 160 million, a new study shows. The three billionaires are sitting on a combined $ 248.5 billion fortune, which outstrips the […]

Giving up on moral & ethical values ‘more dangerous than nuclear bomb’ – Putin

Humanity is entering a new stage in its development when abandoning moral and ethical values may cause a larger catastrophe than a nuclear war, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the guests of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi. The moral and ethical component is an “important circumstance” for any type of […]

ISIS moral police ‘whipped, beat & jailed’ defiant Al-Mayadeen residents, survivors tell RT

Islamic State terrorists’ efforts to whip, beat and torture people into submission for the tiniest violations of their perverted laws failed, locals in recently-liberated Al-Mayadeen in Syria told RT, recalling their disturbing experiences. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists captured the city of Al-Mayadeen, located just 45km southeast of Deir ez-Zor, in July 2013. Raising […]

‘There are no good Nazis’: Republican Jewish Coalition demands ‘moral clarity’ from Trump

AP Photo/Susan Walsh The Republican Jewish Coalition, a political group that has previously backed President Donald Trump amid controversial issues, said it was not pleased with how Trump handled the fallout from the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia, rally last weekend. “We join with our political and religious brethren in calling upon President Donald Trump to provide […]

Poland has a moral right to say ‘no’ to refugees, says ruling party leader

Thomson Reuters WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland has a moral right to say ‘no’ to refugees, the country’s most powerful politician said on Saturday. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS), gave his views on immigration at a party convention in Przysucha, 100 km (60 miles) south of Warsaw. “We have not […]

The Capital Gains Tax Rate Is a Moral Outrage 

Nobody ever clicks on blog posts about tax policy, because it’s not “sexy” enough. Fuck you! How else are we supposed to win the class war? Advertisement Look at this Dissent story by Julia Ott. It’s good. It delves into (surprisingly racist!) history to explain why capital gains—money that people earn from investments—is taxed at […]

Second-degree moral hazard

MORAL hazard is a problem that crops up often in economics. People behave differently if they do not face the full costs or risks of their actions: deposit insurance makes customers less careful about picking their bank, for example. Moral hazard can also be second-hand. Take medicine. A patient with private insurance may be happy […]