Amusingly Moody Photos of Batman Just Living His Life

Hollywood is again on the hunt for a new Batman, which means comic book and film fans are going wild with casting suggestions — based, as you might expect, on physical presence, charisma, strength, steeliness, the usual. But what about the more casual elements of Batman? Who can capture the melancholy of the Caped Crusader grabbing […]

Book Excerpt: The Moody Ennui of Arthur Penn’s “Night Moves”

Genre reinvention was a cornerstone of the “New Hollywood” movement, in which free-spirited filmmakers revisited and reinvented the film genres they grew up watching. In this remarkable period, running from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, these gifted directors changed the way we saw the Western (The Wild Bunch, McCabe and Mrs. Miller), the […]

Escape A Moody Maze Of Rooms In Horror Game Beherit

Beherit is a dark freeware horror game, set in dim and moody halls lit by your flashlight and where deadly evils lurk. Especially those twitchy mannequins watching from the shadows. Beherit begins in mystery, as you find yourself trapped in an endlessly growing network of halls, doors, and rooms. Your only hope is discovering the […]

‘Impulse’ Trailer: A Moody Spin-Off of Doug Liman’s ‘Jumper’ Debuts on YouTube Red

Audiences may not exactly be jumping for a spin-off to the poorly received 2008 sci-fi film Jumper. And they may be even less excited to learn that the series will land on YouTube Red, the streaming subscription service that is still struggling to break in. But after the critical success of YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai, and Jumper and Edge […]

Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective Adventure Backbone

Animal adventures have been a staple across fiction, from the recent Tooth & Tail, or Fables, or Redwall. But rather than war or urban fantasy or a medieval setting, Backbone places its trenchcoat-wearing animals on neon-lit pixel-art streets and within atmospheric detective noir. Inspired by the atmosphere of works like Blade Runner and The Big […]

‘Mr. Robot’ Composer on Creating the Moody and Masterful Music of the USA Hacker Series [Interview]

Mr. Robot is arguably the most distinctive series on television — a moody and haunting techno-opera that floods viewers with a crushing sense of isolation. Much of the credit can be given to showrunner Sam Esmail‘s cinematic eye, maintaining a house style of low lighting and negative space that lend to the oppressive environment — along with a stylistic gimmick every […]

A Moody Farewell to Summer That Captures Quiet Post-Season Coastal Life

Photo series La Costa Gris by artist Salva López — who we discovered on Trendland — captures the melancholic, end-of-season vibes we’re all feeling right now. Using a grayed-down palette of blues and muted tones, López photographs empty scenes of European coastal life that merely hint at the once bustling hot weather days. Focusing on […]

Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi: ‘Intense and moody’ Adam Driver avoided Mark Hamill on set

The 33-year-old is a former US Marine and is known for his disciplined method acting. Having starved himself for Martin Scorsese’s Silence, Driver has brought his strict techniques to the latest Star Wars movie. His The Last Jedi co-star Hamill revealed just how seriously Driver takes playing Kylo Ren. Speaking with Vanity Fair, the Luke […]

Jose Mourinho cannot hide his anger about Rostov's pitch in moody press conference

And just to compound the Manchester United manager’s mood, the UEFA delegate told him not to worry because “your players are insured.” After the harsh Russian winter, the surface at the Olimp-2 stadium is threadbare, uneven and loose. Mourinho compared it to the pitch in the national stadium in Beijing last summer when United’s prestige […]