Nintendo’s biggest bull doubles down on his call after shares crater 20% in a month

Nintendo/Universal Studios Nintendo shares have plunged nearly 20% over the past month.  But Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal, who is the biggest Nintendo bull on Wall Street, says they still have tremendous upside.  He points to the widely successful Nintendo Switch, and says the company could improve its mobile business.  Watch Nintendo trade in real time here […]

June is LGBT Pride Month — here’s everything you need to know

Getty Images June is Pride Month, when cities across the US show support for LGBT+ rights, culture, and communities.  It’s a tradition that goes back to the early 1970s, when cities began hosting events to commemorate the Stonewall Riots and highlight issues that LGBT+ Americans still face. Here’s what Pride Month is all about. What […]

HTC brings multiplayer VR games to Dave & Busters this month

Playing games in virtual reality can feel kinda anti-social, even when your buddies are in the same room. You’re probably locked into a world only you can see properly, and you’ll likely be wearing headphones for true immersion. But, if you want to jump into a virtual experience with your buddies in the same place, […]

Pothole damage is costing drivers and insurers at least £1 MILLION a month

The motoring organisation said the number of pothole-related claims it had seen during the first four months of 2018 alone was more than for the whole of 2017. Based on its share of Britain’s car insurance market, the broker estimated that nationally, there will have been over 4,200 claims for pothole damage so far this […]

Americans received a record-breaking 3.4 billion robocalls last month — here are some ways to stop them

In April alone, Americans received an estimated 3.4 billion scam calls from automated machines — more than any month on record, according to The New York Times. The spike didn’t come out of nowhere. That number was about 2.5 billion in the same month last year, and consumer advocates worry that the number will only continue […]

Danish citizen convicted under Malaysia’s fake news law, will spend a month in jail for YouTube video

A Malaysian court convicted a Danish citizen on Monday for inaccurate criticism of police on social media, the first person to be prosecuted under a new law against fake news. Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman, 46, was charged with spreading false news after he posted a video on YouTube accusing police of taking 50 minutes to […]

Chaos rules in Italy as the country approaches a 3rd month without a government

Two months after its inconclusive general election, Italy’s political parties are still battling to form a government. The Five Star Movement is the biggest single party, but will seemingly only consider working with  the centre-left Democratic Party (PD). It had previously held talks to govern with the right-wing Lega Nord, but refuses to govern with them […]