‘The Meg’, ‘Rampage’ and the Problem With 2018’s Giant Monster Movies

A couple of times this year at the movies, I’ve found myself thinking about one of the great lines from one of the great movies about the movies. “Wallace Beery! Wrestling picture! Whaddya need, a road map?” So goes the snappy one-liner from Michael Lerner’s cynical studio executive in the Joel and Ethan Coen masterpiece […]

Monster Hunter World release date: What time does Monster Hunter release on PC tomorrow?

Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter World on PC tomorrow, but you can start pre-downloading it right now.  Hunters will be ready to start tracking down the biggest monsters on their PC rigs and enter a new world of creatures.  Monster Hunter World will be available to download on Steam, but there are specific timing for […]

Monster energy project wants to use Loch Ness as a giant battery

Enlarge / Loch Ness, seen from Fort Augustus in Scotland. (credit: Getty Images (Jeff J Mitchell)) A company called Intelligent Land Investments (ILI) is proposing a huge 2.4 gigawatt-hour pumped hydroelectric project right next to the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. The project, called “Red John” after the Scottish name for a source pool […]

India eyeing a new monster 100GW solar-capacity goal

Enlarge / Solar panels in Bangalore, India. (credit: Getty Images) Earlier this week, India’s energy minister R.K. Singh suggested that the country is considering issuing a tender for 100 gigawatts of solar energy. PV Tech confirmed the report, which added that the tender could be tied to solar panel-manufacturing buildout. In 2015, India set a […]

Monster Hunter World UPDATE: MHW’s Lunastra unleashed on PS4 and Xbox One

A big new challenge has been added to Monster Hunter World today, for fans on PS4 and Xbox One. A new beast has been unleashed on all platforms, providing another Elder Dragon to face off again in teams. Lunastra, the Empress of Flame has come to reclaim her throne in Monster Hunter World and is […]

Scientists Are Using DNA to Find the Loch Ness Monster

Scientists Are Using DNA to Find the Loch Ness Monster Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does […]

Rampage movie reviews: Is Dwayne Johnson’s latest blockbuster a MONSTER hit with critics?

Based on the classic video game comes The Rock’s take on Rampage. Johnson stars as primatologist Davis Okoye, who has an albino silverback gorilla called George in his care. However an experiment gone wrong sees the ape grow to an enormous size along with other creatures. So far Rampage has 48% positive reviews on Rotten […]

Monster Prom is a quirky competitive dating sim with party games

The high school in Monster Prom exists in a colorful alternate dimension filled with coquettish Medusas and demon jocks — and you (and up to three friends) must date one of them. Spanish indie studio Beautiful Glitch’s debut game is a competitive dating simulator with a few party games thrown in. With the help of […]

Monster Hunter World review: Game of the Year contender hits PS4, Xbox One

Monster Hunter World may have been out for a while on PS4 and Xbox One, but it’s such a beast of a game that players are only just scratching the surface. Capcom delivered its first post-release monster update earlier this week, adding the mighty Deviljho alongside a brand new mission and items. There’s also the imminent […]