The Rinspeed Snap explores future-proofing with a modular electric vehicle

One doesn’t normally think of the Swiss as terribly eccentric, but you could make an exception for Rinspeed boss Frank Rinderknecht. Some of his past creations have been pretty out there, like the sQuba, which started out as a Lotus Elise and ended up a fully electric vehicle that could also dive underwater. Or the […]

Rinspeed makes a modular autonomous box called the Snap

Rinspeed has made a name for itself creating some pretty outlandish concepts, including the Lotus Elise-based Squba submersible car, or the Oasis that had a garden full of succulents. For the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, though, the company seems to have embraced more conventional thinking about future transportation and created an autonomous box called Snap. […]

Pharrell Williams will co-own Roli’s modular instrument business

There’s no question that Pharrell Williams has had at least some fondness for technology (his Daft Punk collabs and gold-tinged smartphones were big clues), but now he’s taking that appreciation to Will.I.Am levels. Roli has revealed that Pharrell is not only becoming its Chief Creative Officer, but will invest in and take co-ownership of the […]

Driving It Home: Renault Symbioz Concept is a Modular Living Room

– Can’t we all just get along? Not humans, that’ll seemingly never happen—but how about our stuff? Maybe in the future, all of our personally owned items will cooperate with us and with one another. Renault is continuing the expanding internet-of-things conversation at the Frankfurt auto show with its Symbioz concept, an autonomous and all-electric connected […]

Modular robotic eel hunts for sources of water pollution

We already have ways to measure the levels of pollution in bodies of water, but an eel-inspired robot can do the job faster and more effectively. The researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and other institutions have created a modular robotic eel that can swim through contaminated water to pinpoint sources of pollution. […]

Step On Board Airbus’ Modular Aircraft Mockup

Step On Board Airbus’ Modular Aircraft Mockup Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all […]

RED teases a modular, $1600 titanium Android phone with a 3D screen

Enlarge / Red’s teaser image. (credit: RED) RED, the ultra high-end camera company with a flare for dramatic product designs, has announced an Android smartphone called the “RED Hydrogen.” The press release is very light on details and written in RED’s typical maximum-hype style, declaring that phone “shatters the mold of conventional thinking” and “features nanotechnology.” […]