These banks have the most in-demand mobile features in the US

Business Insider Intelligence The US banks offering the most desirable mobile features in 2018 are Citibank, Wells Fargo, USAA, NFCU, and Bank of America, according to Business Insider Intelligence’s second annual Mobile Banking Competitive Edge study. Mobile banking has become a critical factor people consider when choosing a bank. In fact, 61% of respondents to […]

Sharp brings much-needed competition to mobile OLED display market

That super-sharp OLED display on the latest iPhone XS models comes courtesy of Samsung and LG. The rival Korean manufacturers were pretty much your only choice for the pricey phone screens, but that could be about to change. Apple’s LCD supplier Sharp is now jumping on the bandwagon with the release of its first OLED […]

Russian poll reveals overwhelming support for ban on mobile phones in schools

About three quarters of Russians say they support the idea of banning the use of cell phones and other tech gadgets in schools and believe that children would study better were such measures taken. The data was revealed by the state-run public opinion research agency VTSIOM on Wednesday. A recent poll has shown that 83 […]

PUBG Mobile update: Servers DOWN as Tencent begin Sanhok 8.0 release

Tonight will see PUBG Mobile servers go offline for an extended period of time. According to the latest news shared by the Tencent team, this new scheduled maintenance will last around eight hours. However, there’s also the chance that this downtime will take less time, meaning PUBG Mobile might be back online sooner. It’s currently […]

Progressive Web Apps moving mainstream as Twitter makes its mobile site the main one

Love to use Bookmarks and want it on web? Into scrolling through Explore to see what’s happening? We are testing out a new Twitter for web, which a small number of people will see today. Love it? Missing something? Reply and tell us. Don’t have the new experience? Stay tuned. — Twitter (@Twitter) September […]

French schools welcome students with a nationwide ban on mobile phones

Hello, school. Goodbye, smartphone. Across France, kids marked the start of classes today. But this year, they have to leave their mobile phones behind. Adopted several months ago, France has put in a place a nationwide ban on mobile phones for students in middle school and younger. High schools have the option of putting in […]

Fortnite Android download: Great news for mobile beta players

Fortnite Mobile has been a big success for Epic Games already on iOS. A big enough group of players use the mobile port on a regular basis to create a substantial revenue stream from the app. And with the new Fortnite Android downloads now spreading to new devices, it appears these mobile numbers are only […]

PUBG Mobile Update TODAY: New Season 3 release reveal and patch news

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the start of PUBG Mobile Season 3, which looks set to roll out this week. August 22 has been circulated as the eventual launch day, although it could be later, depending on time zones. From what we know right now, it appears Tuesday will be the official start date of […]

Fortnite Android download WARNING: Mobile beta news ahead of full release

Epic Games have taken the unusual route of not launching the Fortnite Android beta on the Google Play Store. And while Samsung customers can access the new Epic Games app through the phone’s dedicated store, other devices don’t have the same setup. It has raised worries that malware sites will look to exploit those fans […]