Gmail update: How to turn off conversation view in Gmail mobile

Google Gmail has claimed dominance over the email industry by attracting more than a billion people worldwide.  The search engine giants recently rolled out a new update for Gmail to make managing your inbox easier and faster.  This update also stretches over to Gmail’s mobile app, where you can now disable Conversation View from your […]

King launches Legend of Solgard, its first mobile role-playing game for iOS and Android

King knows it’s stuffed you with far too much candy. So it’s going to see how you like burning off those calories as you stop Ragnarok. Today, the game studio launched Legend of Solgard, its first role-playing game (and first midcore mobile offering). Like Candy Crush Saga and King’s other offerings, Solgard is a free-to-play […]

Fortnite Android beta: Big download news for mobile release

The latest Fortnite Android download news (Image: EPIC GAMES) Having been surrounded by rumours and reports regarding its full release, Epic Games’ latest Battle Royale port has started to roll out. The game that champions crossplay and account sharing is in the middle of being launched on one of the biggest mobile platforms in the […]

How retailers are using mobile AR apps to improve customer engagement and boost sales

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. The mobile augmented reality (AR) market is quickly becoming primed for the retail space. By blending the online and in-store shopping journeys, mobile AR promises to provide an immersive digital […]

WATCH: Ryanair passengers FLEE plane after mobile phone battery 'explodes'

A viral video has captured the terrifying moment passengers fled a Ryanair plane after a mobile phone battery caught fire. In the video, people can be seen jumping onto an inflatable slide from the emergency exits. A man at the base of the slide in an emergency vest quickly beckons them down and onto the […]

I got inside a Tour de France team car, the mobile command center for the world’s best cyclists — here’s what I saw

Daniel McMahon/Business Insider PARIS — Think Tour de France and you think bikes, but what keeps things moving behind the scenes for the teams in the world’s preeminent two-wheeled event are the countless cars, trucks, and buses following the race. La Grande Boucle — the Great Loop — is often a grueling three-week slog, so […]

PUBG Mobile update 0.7.0: War Mode and new Tencent features revealed in patch notes

Having had to wait following the initial server maintenance, fans can now play the new PUBG Mobile update 0.7 content. Tencent also opted to launch their new patch regionally, meaning that some players got the new download earlier than others. The big news is that update 0.7.0 introduces the new action-packed War Mode, as well […]

Sega is releasing a ‘Phantasy Star’ mobile game in Japan

Phantasy Star is a popular Sega RPG franchise that spawned numerous titles; it was Sega’s answer to the Final Fantasy series. Now, for the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Sega has announced a new mobile smartphone game called Idola: Phantasy Star Saga will arrive in Japan later this year. While there aren’t many details in terms of […]

PUBG Mobile servers DOWN: New Tencent update news for iOS and Android

Tencent has confirmed that new downtime has been scheduled for tonight and is now ongoing. This will be to make way for PUBG update 0.7.0. which has been in the beta testing phase for some time. PUBG Mobile servers are down for an extended length of maintenance, meaning that some players may even miss logging […]