PUBG Mobile servers DOWN: New Tencent update news for iOS and Android

Fans have confirmed that Tencent have brought the PUBG Mobile servers down tonight so that they can perform scheduled maintenance. A notice can now be found for gamers who try to log in tonight, confirming that downtime will be ongoing for sometime. Maintenance has now started and it appears that it will last another six […]

Fortnite Omen skin live on Mobile, PS4, Switch, Xbox One – here’s how to collect

Epic Games like to share new cosmetic items on the weekend, some of which also turn out to be the most wanted among fans. And tonight appears to have seen the latest big update to the item shop, this time adding the Fortnite Omen skin. The new Legendary outfit is now live on PS4, Xbox […]

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile LIVE, Android update coming soon to Google Play Store

Having teased its release earlier this year, War Drum Studios’ handheld port is now available to download. There are no restrictions between iOS and Android, although there are some issues stopping people playing. ARK Survival Evolved Mobile on Android has a list of issues that have stopped many from accessing the full experience today. While […]

Fortnite Android Download release warning: Mobile news ahead of big launch date

Epic Game has seen Fortnite Battle Royale grow to become one of the biggest games in the world. It’s also currently one of the most profitable games to be available on such a wide variety of platforms. And hopes are high that this week will see a few more platforms get some big news. The […]

Square Enix has stopped working on ‘Go’ mobile games

In many ways, Square Enix’ Go titles were textbook examples of how to make good mobile games: for a little cash up front, you’d receive a truly mobile-friendly experience that felt like it received just as much attention as a blockbuster console release. However, that strategy has apparently run out of steam. Square Enix Montreal […]

Fortnite Shopping Cart update coming to PS4, Xbox, PC and Mobile

Having dropped a few hints this week on what could be coming next, the development team just confirmed one big new item. The Fortnite Shopping Cart will be rolling into battle soon on PS4, Xbox, PC and Mobile. This was confirmed via a new teaser added to the game on all platforms. The little advert […]

FCC investigates site that let most US mobile phones’ location be exposed

Enlarge / Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), as seen on April 18, 2018. (credit: New America / Flickr) The Federal Communications Commission has taken preliminary steps to examine the actions of LocationSmart, a southern California company that has suddenly found itself under intense public and government scrutiny for allowing most American cell phones’ locations to be […]

Hyper-realistic racing game ‘Project Cars’ is coming to mobile

Project Cars is the hit racing sim from Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco that focuses on making driving a race car as realistic as possible. Now, Slightly Mad Studios has teamed up with GAMEVIL to bring Project Cars to mobile devices. The game, and its sequel, has been on the PC and consoles since […]