Dance Your PhD’s 2018 winner mixes superconductivity and swing dancing

Cooper pairs and impurities come to life in a superconductor and dance their little particle hearts out in Pramodh Yapa’s “Superconductivity: The Musical.” Pairs of swing-dancing electrons do the Lindy Hop in “Superconductivity: The Musical,” the winning video for this year’s geektastic Dance Your PhD contest. Pramodh Yapa, a graduate student at the University of Alberta, […]

‘A Dog Named Dave Stuck On A Rave’ Mixes Stealth, Rhythm, & Animals

You know you stepped into the wrong place when you’re a dog at an all-cat rave. Navigate the cat-populated dancefloor in hopes of stopping Catastrophe Cate and her evil plans. You can show off your dance moves while dodging the over-sized henchmen, or focus on collecting some delicious bones for your stash. Either way, you’ll […]

“Art Frame Design” Mixes Classic Paintings and Contemporary Photography

Some of the most iconic works of visual art are finding themselves in decidedly contemporary surroundings via “Art Frame Design,”a clever new Instagram account that came to our attention on Bored Panda. The gimmick, cooked up by “Michael T.” of the webzine Milkshake, is the use of modern fashion photographs as “frames” for classical paintings […]

On The Fly Mixes Runner & Dating Sim For Fast-Paced Bird Romance

There couldn’t be a more beautiful setting for a romance between feathered friends than a rusty kettle drifting down a creek. In On The Fly, players will guide a crow and sparrow down a winding river, helping them stay fed and grow closer to one another through dialogue choices. With local co-op, perhaps that romance […]

Apple Music adds exclusive DJ mixes from Steve Aoki and more

Spotify and Apple Music partnered up with Dubset, a rights-management and distribution platform for DJs and remixers, a couple of years ago. Sony Music and independent record company Merlin also partnered with the company to make sure samples in remixed songs are monetized, as well. Dubset’s MixBANK system makes sure both artists being sampled and […]