WATCH: Phil Mitchell's doppelgänger pops up during ITV's General Election coverage

Of course, Steve McFadden didn’t really appear on the ITV News broadcast, but someone who looked a lot like him did.  Whilst Paul Brand gave the latest updates on the General Election yesterday one Twitter user became distracted, choosing instead to notice the lookalike that stood behind the journalist.  They posted to their account: “Looking […]

EastEnders spoiler: Denise Fox to KEEP Phil Mitchell's baby after she scraps adoption?

Thrown into turmoil when she is faced with the tough decision of finally signing the consent form for the process, Denise (played by Diane Parish) is having second thoughts. With Kim (Tameka Empson) pleading with her to rethink plans to finalise the papers, will Denise actually go through with giving her child up? Kim also […]