Cool Stuff: The Incredibles Get a New Set of Funko POPs, Mystery Minis & More

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation are finally bringing The Incredibles back to the big screen with their eagerly anticipated sequel this summer. A new trailer just debuted before the weekend, and we’ll have a bunch of new details on the movie on Monday morning. But in the meantime, a slew of new merchandise from […]

Mini’s new Countryman hybrid is hobbled by too-small a battery

Enlarge (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) Earlier this year, we tried out the new Mini Countryman and came away impressed. The little crossover combined the driving feel of its smaller siblings with practicality like usable back seats and better cargo capacity. The one we really wanted to try—the Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid EV version—wasn’t available […]

Mini’s new plug-in hybrid packs thrills into a compact cruiser

From the moment it appeared at the LA Auto Show, the new Mini Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid seemed to run in a different pack than other affordable EVs. That’s due in large part to the Mini’s heritage. Driving a Mini always meant having a good time, and the argument for strapping into a Countryman is […]

PAX Unplugged: Just boards, cards, minis, and dice, coming in November

The cartoon versions of PAX co-founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins argue over D&D. (credit: Penny Arcade) The Penny Arcade webcomic team has operated PAX (formerly Penny Arcade Expo) since 2004, and Ars Technica covers its various events every year for a reason—they’re fun. More than that, PAX offers whatever fun you’re looking for (at least, in the […]