Eco-Friendly Changes To Make In the Home

Eco-Friendly Changes To Make In the Home Each year, Europeans produce 25m tonnes of plastic waste and while many people believe in being kind to the environment, choosing to be more eco-friendly in the home is still an uphill battle. The belief that introducing more eco-friendly practices at home equates to more expensive lifestyle changes isn’t necessarily […]

I’ve Tried Mindfulness Meditation, Here’s Why You Should Try it Too

In our fast-paced society today, we seem to be in a constant struggle to keep up. While the advancement of technology has its benefits, we are now being constantly bombarded with information and feel pressured to connect and respond all the time. As a result, we often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and in a constant state […]

What are the Mental Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness?

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash New Findings on the Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness Mindfulness-based activities such as yoga and meditation are booming on a global scale, with rough estimates showing that between 200 and 500 million meditate regularly. A few months ago, the UK hosted the first ever world summit on mindful politics, bringing together politicians […]

Meditation Can Change Your Life: The Power of Mindfulness

Many of us know that meditation can be beneficial, but did you know that it is actually one of the most convenient ways to make a drastic improvement to your mental health and physical wellness? Practicing mindful meditation is good for more than just peace of mind. It can actually change your life. Mindful meditation […]

Let This “5 Minute Journal” be Your Kids’ First Ever Mindfulness Journal

How are you inspiring your kids to develop positive attitudes? When it comes to understanding positive thinking, children get better at it as they grow older. However, by carefully nurturing it, positive thinking can be a powerful resource for the child. It helps in building resilience in such a child. The child can develop enough […]

Mobile mindfulness: An unscientific review of the Headspace meditation app

Enlarge (credit: Headspace) It’s hard to anticipate stressful times in life before they happen. Sometimes you have an inkling before the storm hits; other times, the storm beats against your door before you have any chance to react. The latter happened to me a few months ago, with personal and professional situations looming over me […]

Everyone touts the amazing benefits of mindfulness — but it’s not what we think it is, and we don’t really know how it works

Marko Djurica/Reuters You’ve probably heard of mindfulness. These days, it’s everywhere, like many ideas and practices drawn from Buddhist texts that have become part of mainstream Western culture. But a review published today in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science shows the hype is ahead of the evidence. Some reviews of studies on mindfulness suggest it may help with […]

Meditation, Mindfulness and the Rise of Baseball Shrinks

For more than a decade in the minor and major leagues, Erik Pappas had been gunning down attempted base stealers from behind the plate. Then, while in camp with the Florida Marlins in 1995, the 11-year veteran catcher’s career was in jeopardy — all because of “the yips.” Warm-up throws to second base were easy, […]