Wilson Bethel on His ‘Mind-Boggling’ Journey from The O.C. to Hart of Dixie

RELATED STORIES Before Wilson Bethel won over Rachel Bilson as her love interest on Hart of Dixie, he was just a guy sitting next to her in a kissing booth on The O.C. while Seth Cohen made his big “Acknowledge me now or lose me forever” declaration. The grand gesture proved successful for Seth, but […]

Behind the mind-boggling human carpentry of Catalonia’s castellers

Jen Rose Smith December 5, 2018 Share this article Equal parts flesh and architecture, the castellers’ craft is a kind of human carpentry, in which lean-limbed children play an essential role. Jen Rose Smith gets to the heart of this very proud, and very Catalonian tradition. By noon on Saint Ursula day, October 21st, the […]

Sci-fi’s biggest costumes and props land in a single, mind-boggling auction

20th Century Fox If you’ve ever thought that your mantelpiece or office bookshelf is incomplete without an M41A Pulse Rifle—or perhaps Monty Python‘s taunting French knight helmet—then you and your massive wallet are in luck. On Tuesday, September 26, Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia will host an online auction, and, if I’m any judge of character, […]

‘Snowmageddon’: Canada hit with 2m of snow & has mind-boggling pics to prove it (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 6 Apr, 2017 04:56 The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has experienced a record-breaking snowstorm, with over 2 meters (7 feet) of snow burying the town of Gander. Locals have been sharing insane photos of themselves trying to dig out their houses and cars. Newfoundland in east Canada has had 135cm (53 […]