BBC News: ‘Did you not listen to me?’ Louise Minchin SCOLDS Dan Walker

Louise, 50, and Dan, 41, were joined on the BBC Breakfast sofa by sports reporter Sally Nugent, 47, when the hosts were about to discuss the headlines from today’s papers. One topic of conversation which arose between the trio was Chinese New Year as Dan noticed Louise was wearing a snake skin top, like fellow […]

BBC BIAS? Louise Minchin makes shock admission – ‘NO OPTIMISM' Brexit will be resolved

The BBC’s Louise Minchin admitted that the current state of Brexit required more caution than optimism as she confessed having “no optimism” with Brexit. Westminster correspondent Chris Mason explained: “There are some MP’s who want to take the idea of a no deal Brexit off the table, leaving the European Union at the end of […]

BBC News: ‘Sorry’ Louise Minchin forced to apologise after she DISRUPTS show

Presenting a morning new programme can be hard at times because things will inevitably go wrong. It’s the curse of presenting live television; something will very often go wrong and there’s nothing presenters can do to stop it. A presenter, for instance, could have a sneezing fit at any point, which is exactly what happened […]

BBC News: 'When will this change?' Minchin demands answers from Khan over knife crime

This morning’s main topic on BBC Breakfast discussed the rise in knife crime deaths in London and joining Dan Walker, 41, and Louise Minchin, 50 was London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Khan appeared on the show to announce the introduction of a new violence reduction unit (VRU) he has set up in order to tackle the increasing violence […]

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker stuns Louise Minchin as he scrambles on the floor LIVE on air

In an unprofessional move caught on camera, Dan was seen scrambling around under the sofa live on BBC Breakfast, on his hands and knees whilst the ever professional Louise remained calm and tried to continue with presenting.  It came after Countdown presenter Rachel Riley and maths teacher Bobby Seagull appeared on this morning’s breakfast show to discuss […]

Don McLean ignores Louise Minchin in bizarre BBC Breakfast interview: 'We're on air'

Today’s interview started off on the wrong foot as BBC Breakfast viewers could hear Don speaking and playing chords on his guitar. Using the music as a kick-off point, Louise welcomed viewers back to the show by saying: “Look at that! Right on cue.” As Don began speaking over the presenters as they introduced him, […]

BBC Breakfast: Louise Minchin hands Dan Walker huge ultimatum after Piers Morgan row

“I have no muscles, which could be an issue, so we’ll see,” Dan confessed. “I’m going out with the ITV crew in a mo’. “We’ve got one more training afternoon.” However, Louise had one big demand: “You’ve got to do one more thing: win.” Alarmed, Dan hit back: “I mean, I know you’re fiercely competitive. […]

BBC Breakfast viewers incensed as Louise Minchin repeatedly makes BIG blunder

The presenter was co-hosting alongside Dan Walker when she made the mistakes on the BBC programme. Louise was reading through this morning’s headlines, including one about Dolores O’Riordan who died last week. As the 49-year-old informed those at home that fans had been paying their respects, she continued to mispronounce the singer’s name.  Many watching […]

BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood and Louise Minchin wear identical dress: 'It's blue Tuesday!'

Carol looked stunning in a high oval neck dress, while presenter Louise opted for a blue collared frock with buttons. Noticing the similarities in style, Louise joked: “It’s blue Tuesday!” Before handing over to Carol. Her co-presenter Dan Walker also picked up on the identical outfits and told Louise: “Your dress is lovely by the […]

BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood and Louise Minchin wear identical dress: 'I've got to change!'

The presenter seemed uncomfortable being caught in an identical outfit to her co-star and even suggested she change to spare herself any further embarrassment. The 49-year-old, who was discussing the latest in sports with fellow presenters Dan Walker and Katherine Downes, appeared eager to change topics once she noticed the humiliating fashion faux pas.  Turning […]