Miiverse archive recovers 17TB of social mirth after Nintendo’s shutdown

Enlarge / An extremely small look at the hundreds of millions of Miiverse posts archived on Archiverse (credit: Archiverse) Nintendo’s first attempt at creating a real online social network, Miiverse, became a surprisingly robust and meme-filled community of artists and fans in the years after it launched on the Wii U and 3DS. Then, last […]

Nintendo’s Miiverse lives on in a giant internet archive

Nintendo’s Miiverse is dead. However, that doesn’t mean that all your message board posts have disappeared into the ether. Drastic Actions and the Archive Team have launched Archiverse, an unofficial but very thorough collection of Miiverse posts. There are roughly 133 million posts, 217 million replies, 76 million screenshots and 72 million drawings — all […]

Nintendo is killing the Miiverse in Japan

The Wii U will go down in history as one of Nintendo’s least successful consoles. It had one great idea, however: Miiverse. A system-wide message board that players could post drawings, messages and screenshots to. Better yet, some titles displayed Miiverse posts as friendly advice (New Super Mario Bros. U) or expressive speech bubbles (Splatoon) […]

Wii U update: Nintendo patches console as fans find possible Miiverse end date clue

It’s been over a year since a new Wii U update has been launched but tonight saw all that change. Nintendo’s Wii U console version 5.5.2 U is now available to download, although Nintendo aren’t giving much away about what’s included. The official patch notes read: “Improvements to system stability and usability. “Further improvements to […]