VIDEO claimed to show mid-air explosion of drone used in attack on Maduro

A video has emerged on social media purporting to show the exact moment a drone, reportedly aimed at Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, bursts into pieces in Caracas skies after apparently being shot down by the military. The footage, which has since been shared over 1,200 times, was posted on Sunday by Cesar Guardiola, who describes […]

Aircraft carrying Peruvian World Cup fans to Moscow fills with smoke in mid-air (VIDEO)

An aircraft carrying at least 70 Peruvian FIFA World Cup fans to Moscow was filled with smoke after a turbine reportedly caught fire in mid-air. A video online shows passengers panicking and smoke visible inside the cabin. The incident took place on a Utair flight from the city of Ekaterinburg in the Urals to the […]

Mid-air scare: Fountain pen wielding passenger forces emergency landing

An Air China jet travelling from Changsha to Beijing was forced into an unscheduled landing when a passenger threatened crew members with a fountain pen. It’s not clear what sparked the mid-flight scare. However, online air traffic tracker Flight Radar 24 reveals the original path of the passenger jet was interrupted approximately half-way through Sunday’s […]

The Pope married two flight attendants in an impromptu midair wedding

Reuters Pope Francis married two flight attendants on a papal flight from Santiago to Iquique, Chile on January 18. Carlo Ciuffardi Elorriga and Paula Podest Ruiz had a civil marriage already. But they missed the religious service because of an earthquake in 2010. A video of the shell-shocked and excited couple emerged of them telling […]

Woman’s midair champagne tantrum forces emergency landing

Published time: 10 Dec, 2017 21:38 A passenger plane bound for Zurich had to make a unexpected stop in Stuttgart, after a female passenger popped when staff refused to serve her champagne. Police say the 44-year-old Swiss woman, who was flying business class from Moscow, asked to be poured the sparkling wine several times and […]

Oklahoma City Thunder’s plane had a mid-air collision with something that left an enormous dent in the nose

Twitter/Steven Adams The Oklahoma City Thunder’s plane is believed to have collided with a bird in mid-flight. Nobody on the plane was injured, however, the plane was left with a huge dent in the nose. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s plane landed safely after a mid-air collision that left a huge dent in the nose of […]

WATCH: Terrifying moment astronaut gets stuck in mid-air – how would YOU get free?

The clip was uploaded to image sharing site Imgur and begins with the space man frantically moving his arms and legs trying to get free.  Using all his might he twists his body round, holding his legs tight together, using just his arms.  He manages the difficult manoeuvre, turning 180 degrees, but he still does […]

Hurricane Ophelia LATEST travel update: Plane flung around mid-air at Manchester Airport

Footage from Manchester Airport is among the scariest.  Shot by, video captured one plane’s extremely rocky journey coming into land.  The plane was knocked around mid-air from side to side and looked to be struggling to steady itself.  On Twitter @airlivenet tweeted: “ALERT Manchester Airport is reporting wind gusts of 32t.” Sean Hassett watched […]

Horrifying mid-air emergency sees cabin crew SCREAMING and passengers 'panicked'

Terrified passengers feared for their lives when a flight from Australia to Indonesia plummeted 20,000 feet, after the plane lost cabin pressure. The AirAsia Indonesia service from Perth to Bali was forced to turn back 25 minutes into its flight. Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and passengers were told to take the brace position. […]

WATCH: Hotel guest gets STUCK on a wire mid-air after escaping his room to dodge his bill

Footage captured the bizarre moment a man became stuck on telecom wires high above the ground.  The man had been staying in a hotel in China but decided he didn’t want to pay his bill at the end.  Instead of fronting up, he tried to escape out of the window of his high-rise room.  He […]