Report about Rep. Conyers puts Congress under sexual harassment microscope

The avalanche of sexual harassment and abuse claims has reached the US Congress, with the latest exposé pointing to a senior Democrat in the House. Several female lawmakers are also speaking out about their sordid experiences on Capitol Hill. On Monday evening, BuzzFeed published a report that Representative John Conyers Jr (D-Michigan) settled a wrongful […]

High-powered microscope can scan cells without destroying them

Confocal microscopes are pretty wild. The instruments can capture cell division in realtime, but the downside is the lasers in existing ones tend to fry the cells they’re studying. Researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology may have found a way around that, though. explains that professors Du Shenwang and Michael […]

Flat microscope for the brain could help restore lost eyesight

You’d probably prefer that doctors restore lost sight or hearing by directly repairing your eyes and ears, but Rice University is one step closer to the next best thing: transmitting info directly to your brain. It’s developing a flat microscope (the creatively titled FlatScope) that sits on your brain to both monitor and trigger neurons […]