This money-saving car insurance method could end up costing you more 

One method for cutting the cost of car insurance is by opting to buy a higher voluntary excess.  The voluntary excess dictates how much you have to pay when you make a claim.  Paying for a higher excess can slash the overall cost of your premium at first but it could actually cost you more […]

Nigella Lawson weight loss: Sexy TV chef used this unusual method to drop two dress sizes

Nigella Lawson, 58, is as famous for her curvaceous figure as she is for her hearty and indulgent culinary creations. But the star has recently lost a lot of weight, showing off her new figure on her Instagram and her BBC show, Nigella: At My Table. On her social media page, fans went wild for […]

The Kominsky Method: Michael Douglas Netflix Comedy Gets Premiere Date

Netflix will soon reveal The Kominsky Method. The single-camera comedy series from sitcom titan Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men) and starring Academy Award winners Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin will be released on Friday, Nov. 16. The announcement was first made on Twitter, along with the streaming service’s portion of […]

There is madness, but perhaps also method, in America’s trade policies

DIVINING meaning in the Trump administration’s trade announcements is a thankless task. No sooner does a policy seem settled than it is thrown up in the air once more. On May 23rd, days before a scheduled meeting with the European Union and Japan on a joint trade strategy and in the middle of talks to […]

What IS method acting? — THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

GETTY / ALAMY STOCK Sir Laurence Olivier ribbed Dustin Hoffman over method acting Q. CAN you explain the difference between normal acting and the method school of acting? Edmund Perks, Ivybridge, Devon A: METHOD acting covers a range of techniques first introduced by the Russian actor/director Konstantin Stanislavski in the 1920s which emphasised the art […]

Choose the right AI method for the job

GUEST: It’s hard to remember the days when artificial intelligence seemed like an intangible, futuristic concept. Today, AI is everywhere. This has been decades in the making, however, and the past 90 years have seen both renaissances and winters for the field of study. At present, AI is launching a persistent infiltration into our personal […]

Can you take ibuprofen and paracetamol together? Use this method for fast pain relief

CAN YOU take ibuprofen and paracetamol together? Both medications are used to treat pain and fever, but can taking both at the same time have a detrimental effect on a person’s health? Dr Thornber offers his recommendation for adults and children when it comes to treating pain relief.

Weight loss: Obese man loses six stone in a year after nearly dying – using this method

Weight loss can be difficult for many when having to cut out fast food and increase excursive. Sometimes something life-changing is the catalyst to start the journey, something Ty Gould, 46, found out the hard way. Weighing over 18 stone, he suffered a huge cardiac arrest after returning from a holiday in La Manga, Spain. […]