‘You Might Be the Killer’ Review: The Meta Slasher is Splattery and Wildly Witty [Fantastic Fest]

Brett Simmons’ You Might Be The Killer is not Cabin In The Woods 2.0, but that doesn’t stop stay-up-late genre manipulation from scoring uptempo playground thrills. Remember Fran Kranz? Drew Goddard’s lovable cabin stoner with an extendable, collapsing bong? Travel seven years into our future (from the 2011 release), and he’s lambasting horror norms once […]

‘DERE EVIL .EXE’ Is A Punishing Platformer Of Meta Horror

As if rapid, countless platforming deaths weren’t enough, DERE EVIL.EXE, sequel to the award-winning horror DERE.EXE, places you in the midst of an eerie story, one that seems intent on breaking out of the game’s world. Knightly, your protagonist, will need your guidance through this world full of daunting platforming puzzles. Will you be able […]

Timeless Season 2 Trailer: Lucy and Wyatt Kiss! Rufus Gets Meta!

“Remember when we thought we were done with all of this,” Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) laments to Lucy (Abigail Spencer) in the above trailer for Timeless Season 2 (premiering Sunday, March 11 at 10/9c). The cheekily meta crack serves as a sly nod to the NBC drama’s temporary cancellation last spring, while also underscoring the intense mission(s) […]

Meta partners with Ultrahaptics and ZeroLight for touch in AR

Meta is adding another dimension to its augmented reality experiences by incorporating haptic feedback. To that end, it has partnered with Ultrahaptics and ZeroLight, and it will be showing off a demo of the new technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show industry event next week. “The vision behind Meta is to deliver a machine that […]

The Flash Casts HTGAWM Alum in Recurring Role of Mind-Reading Meta

Looks like Flash foe The Thinker has a mind reader among his arsenal of recently manufactured metas. RELATEDArrowverse Crossover Twists: That Mystery Waitress WILL Return How to Get Away With Murder alum Kendrick Sampson has been cast in the recurring Season 4 role of Dominic Lanse, a TSA agent who apparently was among the dozen […]

‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ TV Movie Is Coming to Nickelodeon in 2018, and It’s Very Meta

After ending its three-year run over 20 years ago, Nickelodeon is bringing back Rocko’s Modern Life. The kids network has announced a continuance of their stroll down Nostalgia Lane as the titular Australian wallaby, his dog Spunky, steer best friend Heffer, neurotic turtle buddy Filburt, and his neighbors the Bigheads are all coming back for […]

Check Out Nathan Fillion's Meta Tony Stark Cameo That Was Cut From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Nathan Fillion, seen here in Firefly, had a meta cameo cut from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Image: Fox The Internet’s favorite fan casting choice, Nathan Fillion, is not in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But that wasn’t always the case. Last year, fans caught a glimpse of some very interesting posters of […]

‘Ferdinand’ Trailer: John Cena Grabs the Bull By the Horns in a Piece of Meta Casting

An animated film about a physically imposing character who’s more than a muscle-bound idiot, with a message about not judging others based solely on their looks? That’s about as subtle as a bull in a chi…well, you know the rest. But animated movies provide teachable moments for young audiences, and even though we’re all familiar with these tropes, […]

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative acquires AI-powered science search engine Meta

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is bolstering its scientific credentials with the acquisition of AI-assisted academic search engine, Meta. The purchase marks the latest step in the project’s bid to eradicate all diseases within the next century. The post Chan Zuckerberg Initiative acquires AI-powered science search engine Meta appeared first on Digital Trends. Digital Trends