Can These Apps Mend Your Lonely Heart?

There’s nothing like scrolling through social media, looking at photos of happy couples on vacation or friends at a bachelor party, and feeling like your sole companion is your smartphone. And yet, ironic as it might sound, your iPhone could also be your loneliness lifeline. Sure, you can use it to talk to your mother […]

Hectorjayjay on the mend after injury

REPORTS of Hectorjayjay’s retirement now seem premature. In an exciting twist, the superstar’s latest injury setback is not as severe as first feared and optimism is now high around a racetrack return, possibly in time for the Inter Dominion late this year. Managing-owner Matt McLellan said the past few weeks had been a whirlwind of […]


The Syrian military has begun moving planes back to the airfield struck by US Tomahawk missiles last month, two US defense officials told BuzzFeed News. In the past week, the Syrians began returning Su-22 and MiG-23 fighter jets back to Shayrat airfield, which the US military attacked on April 6 with 59 Tomahawk missiles. The […]

Make G7 great again? Italy’s ex-PM Prodi urges group to mend Russia ties before US takes advantage

Italy should do “everything possible” to return Russia to the G8, since it’s crucial for Europe to beat the US in the race to mend relationships with Moscow, former Italian Prime Minister and ex-President of the European Commission Romano Prodi has said. While Italy presides the Group of Seven (G7) it should make all its […]