Arrow Team Shares Memories and Tributes as Filming Wraps: ‘What This Show Accomplished Is No Small Feat’

RELATED STORIES Arrow cast and producers aimed to hit the emotional bull’s-eye by sharing fond memories and powerful tributes as The CW’s flagship Arrowverse series filmed its final scenes on Wednesday. Series lead Stephen Amell got the ball running days ago, by sharing the above photo and noting, “Tonight is the last night I wear […]

Collating memories of what happened based on where it happened

Enlarge (credit: Wikimedia commons) We remember things from our own first-person perspective, the way we experienced them. The hippocampus is the region where these egocentric, episodic memories are made. Yet the hippocampus also encodes spatial information in a decidedly non-egocentric manner, using place cells and grid cells to form a generalized map of the external […]

‘Imperishable Memories’ Is A Shmup Of Exploring Your Creative Past

Imperishable Memories takes you to Atherus, a world created out of the memories and creative expressions of Roy, the protagonist. While a waltz through your past artwork and characters may make some wistful (or cringe uncontrollably), Roy’s past carries some dark, toxic elements, all personified in Thanatos, and this silver-haired being has done some terrible […]

The art of mending memories: Inside the world’s oldest surviving doll hospital

Share this article In the heart of Lisbon, overlooking the lively Praça de Figueira, a hospital with a difference has been restoring dolls from Portgual—and the rest of the world—since 1830. Priyanka Sacheti pays a visit to this storied Portuguese institution. “These are the plastic surgery rooms,” says Manuela Cutileiro of the two sunlit rooms […]

Wonder Wheel review: An unfunny melodrama that leaves Allen's classics distant memories

Now he might need to beam his films into outer space to find a receptive audience. Wonder Wheel is his 49th film as a director and, with old sexual assault accusations resurfacing among the #MeToo’ protests, it is rumoured his 50th, A Rainy Day In New York, won’t be released. And there’s nothing remotely funny […]

Imperishable Memories Is A Narrative Shmup Of Coming To Terms With Past Mistakes

There tends not to be much room for story while players are dodging hails of bullets during shmups, but developer Jennifer Raye is trying to change that with Imperishable Memories, a bullet hell shooter that tells a story of a being coming to terms with their past mistakes and learning to move on as best […]

Charmed Memories: Norman Reedus, Jon Hamm and 40 More Famous Guests

Charmed fans, who’s in the mood to orb down memory lane? Let’s be honest: With all this talk of the Charmed reboot — which many fans, and even one of the original show’s stars, are actively trying to vanquish — it’s hard not to get nostalgic about the show that started it all. And when […]

All Our Asias Explores Race & Identity Through A Dying Father’s Memories

All Our Asias takes players on a journey through a dying man’s mind, getting to know him and the protagonist, Yuito, through the memories we see, the people we meet, and the moments we reflect upon. In doing so, we can help Yuito understand himself and his place in the world a little bit better, […]