Review: Mega-hit boardgame Scythe goes digital on Steam

Enlarge (credit: Asmodee Digital) Scythe is a heavy German-style board game that combines worker placement, area control, resource management, a little combat, and a point salad scoring with a setup so ornate that Alice Waters wanted to put it on her menu (read our original review of the game to see for yourself.) Scythe has been among […]

Water remains wet, Netflix renews its mega-hit Stranger Things for S3

Netflix As expected as Will Byers having a supernaturally bad day, Netflix officially announced it’s renewing Stranger Things for a third season today. The confirmation came via Twitter, after Netflix ran a surprisingly close (though always tongue-in-cheek) poll about appetite for another trip to Hawkins, Indiana. Who are these monsters that want less Steve and Dustin in […]

Nintendo Switch games list has a new MEGA-HIT – and here's the proof

Nintendo has got another hit on its hands, as Nintendo Switch exclusive Splatoon 2 tops the sales charts for July. The Nintendo Switch exclusive is so popular that it even outperformed the hugely popular Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy. That’s according to figures obtained by analyst group NPD, which measures how much money a game […]

Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One's next mega-hit gameplay reveal, no Switch news

Based on the recent trend in gaming, survival titles are pretty big right now. And having seen a series of successful launches on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, it appears the next isn’t that far away. While PS4 gamers still have a little while to wait, Conan Exiles will soon be released on […]

Nintendo Switch games list’s new mega-hit gets update with Zelda Breath of the Wild news

The Nintendo Switch games list can do with as many new titles as it can get, with a great number still only at the announcement stage. E3 2017 should give fans a better picture of what to expect in the future, it will also likely be the time Nintendo decide to reveal the full release […]