A father and son are growing fruit and vegetables 8 metres below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea — here’s why

Nemo’s Garden is an underwater farm in Italy. The project consists of 5 biospheres connected by a central ‘tree of life’. Each biosphere has carefully monitored temperature and humidity.   This is Nemo’s Garden, it’s an underwater farm created by the Ocean Reef Group. The project was started as an experiment as the owner’s crops were suffering […]

Six great deals for cruises to Cuba, the Mediterranean, idyllic Alaska and more…

SNOW-capped mountains, prolific wildlife including humpback whales and gigantic glaciers are just some of the things you’ll encounter in Alaska. Holland America Line (0843 374 2300 / hollandamerica.com) offers a seven-night Alaskan Explorer cruise on Eurodam from £1,597 (two sharing, full board). Set sail from Seattle on June 2, stopping ports including Juneau, Ketchikan and […]

The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure review: Gastronomy tour stops off in Corsica

My dad had decided that our holidays there would be a chance to see the ‘real Switzerland’, industrial zones, banking hubs, immigrant hostels and all. The wisdom of this decision is up for debate (my mum certainly had an opinion or two on the matter) but I was reminded of these peculiar trips to the […]

Dementia diet: Lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by following the Mediterranean diet

Dementia risk could be reduced by following the Mediterranean diet, researchers have claimed. The diet, which includes large amounts of vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, could slow cognitive decline. Fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts – which make up most of the diet plan – could delay memory loss, it was revealed. Memory loss is one […]

The Hairy Bikers new book: TV chef duo reveal 150 Mediterranean dish ideas

Tell us about your new book… Dave: We wanted to feature Mediterranean dishes, but there are 21 countries and 200 islands, so we picked the western Med, where the food culture is incredible. Over three months we motorcycled in the sun, ate amazing food, did our research for the book and filmed a TV series […]

Malta: Discover the rich history and spectacular sights of this Mediterranean gem

I’d wanted to go for some time and so my husband and I were intrigued to set off for a whistle-stop weekend there this year. The Maltese archipelago is made up of three islands – Malta, the largest, Gozo and Comino – and lies 50 miles or so south of Sicily. Malta is an island […]