Diabetes news: New skin patch will measure glucose levels without need for finger-prick

PAINFUL finger-prick blood sugar tests could become a thing of the past after British scientists developed a skin test to measure glucose levels in sweat. The adhesive patch measures blood sugar without piercing the skin by drawing glucose from fluid between cells across hair follicles.

The rich are much richer than many of us realize, and it’s a result of the way we measure wealth

It is not possible to quantify the disparity between rich and poor by focusing solely on income.  In order to effectively calculate the scale of inequality, factors such as tax, education, and healthcare opportunities need to be taken into account. Reportedly, in 2013 the wealthiest 5% of American households held 62.5% of all assets in the […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: How to measure tech progress outside Silicon Valley

This week, I wrote three different stories that touched on different ways to measure tech progress outside of Silicon Valley: how to talk about startup hubs without referring to them as “the next Silicon Valley,” overlooked cities becoming tech centers, and Heartland tech startups to watch. As I mentioned, the biggest challenge in tracking the progress of […]

How to read a tape measure — and five things you didn’t know you could do with it

The basic purpose of a tape measure is obvious, but it can be hard to get a precise measurement if it isn’t used properly. Following is the text of the video. How to read a tape measure — and five surprising hacks. First, let’s focus on the numbers. These numbers are inches. In-between each inch are […]

How Money Became the Measure of Everything

Money and markets have been around for thousands of years. Yet as central as currency has been to so many civilizations, people in societies as different as ancient Greece, imperial China, medieval Europe, and colonial America did not measure residents’ well-being in terms of monetary earnings or economic output. In the mid-19th century, the United […]

‘Measure for Measure,’ ‘The Little Hours,’ ‘The Decameron,’ and the Erotics of Chastity

Neither Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours nor a recently-ended production of Measure for Measure at Theatre for a New Audience (directed by Simon Godwin) is an all around great work of art; The Little Hours isn’t nearly as funny or sharp as it could be given its hilarious premise, and this Measure undercuts its attempts at contemporaneity (which itself is questionable given […]