‘The Predator’ Almost Had Predator-Monkey Hybrids, But Some Things Aren’t Meant to Be

Remember The Predator? Shane Black‘s sequel/reboot hit theaters this year, but it seems like everyone already forgot about it already. Maybe we’d all still be talking about The Predator right now if it had kept one of the script’s early ideas intact: Predator-monkey hybrids. That’s right – at one point, The Predator was going to feature Predator DNA mixed […]

A long-dormant high-speed rail project meant to connect Las Vegas and Southern California has a new owner

Brightline A private, Florida-based transportation company said it plans to acquire a long-dormant high-speed rail project designed to connect Las Vegas to Southern California. Brightline Trains plans to take up the XpressWest project in hopes of bringing an electric-powered train to the West Coast. The company currently operates high-speed trains in Florida, connecting Miami, Fort […]

A business coach with an online empire says there was a clear sign every job she tried wasn’t meant to be her career

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Marie Forleo is a business and life coach; more than 40,000 members pay for her “B-School” class. Before becoming a life coach, Forleo worked on the New York Stock Exchange, was a bartender, dance class instructor, and had a brief stint in ad sales. Forleo realized being her own boss made her […]

‘Why should this president have any credibility?’: Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes back-and-forth with reporter 16 times over what Trump meant when he said ‘No’

The White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and reporters sparred during the White House press briefing on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump said “no” after a reporter asked him whether the US is still a target of Russian-led cyberattacks and meddling into US elections. That directly contradicts what the director of […]

Trump’s broad nondisclosure agreement was reportedly meant to appease him, and wasn’t actually enforceable

Getty Images The White House counsel who created President Donald Trump’s nondisclosure agreement for staff members reportedly suggested the document was not legally binding. The NDA imposed financial penalties, $ 10 million for each offense, for staff members who released unauthorized “confidential information.” White House counsel Don McGahn privately told senior aides that the NDA […]

Riverdale cast news: Jughead star Cole Sprouse was meant to play THIS character…

Riverdale has been an international sensation since it debuted on Netflix last year, and that’s largely down to the chemistry and likability of the teen mystery’s core cast. Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart), Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) joined Jughead in a slew of murder adventures and relationship drama, but […]

Citigroup kept telling clients to buy stocks when it meant sell

Russell Boyce/Reuters Citigroup will pay at least $ 11.5 million in fines and restitution to settle charges it displayed the wrong research ratings on more than 1,800 stocks. FINRA said the errors stemmed from problems with an electronic data feed, and Citigroup failed to timely fix the wrongly displayed ratings despite “numerous” red flags. NEW YORK […]

Knightfall Sneak Peek Asks: Is the Holy Grail Meant to Be Possessed by Man?

In the wake of a Saracen’s brutal murder, two Templars from History’s Knightfall give due consideration to the warning that the Holy Grail is fated not only to be elusive, but will “destroy us all” in the quest for it. RELATEDBill Clinton’s Impeachment to Be Focus of History Drama In the above sneak peek from […]

The Car Was Not Invented in America, But We Invented What the Car Meant

– The car was not invented in America, but we made it ours. We’re not talking here about technical innovations such as vehicle mass production or interchangeable parts or the electric starter. Those were all America’s, sure. Europe can lay claim to just as many automotive achievements—unibody construction, disc brakes, even front-wheel drive. But we […]