McMafia author 'warned off' returning to countries where he conducted research

Former BBC correspondent Misha Glenny, who was born in the UK and studied at Oxford, was advised he could be targeted by criminals in eastern Europe after his book was published.  The eight-part BBC One drama based on his exposé of organised crime networks involved in drug smuggling and sex trafficking, is now a big […]

McMafia viewers FURIOUS at new drama for very bizarre reason: ‘Bad job BBC!’

As the Russian and Israeli speeches needed subtitles, it appeared that not all could read what was on the screen.  A large amount of viewers flooded to Twitter to comment on the size of the font, claiming it was ruining their experience of the show.  One wrote: “I bl**dy hate programmes with subtitles! I have […]

McMafia: A look behind the scenes of the sizzling new thriller series

Last night saw the start of the BBC’s explosive new eight-part thriller series based on the shocking world of real-life global criminality. McMafia has already been described as the must-see drama of 2018. Starring James Norton, this edgy tale of English toffs and Russian gangsters tells the story of Alex Godman, the privately educated son […]

McMafia: TENSE cliffhanger leaves Alex in a sticky situation but which side did he choose?

The crime drama introduced viewers to the Godman family and it seems that the Russian mobsters have got trouble at their doorstep.  Following the brutal murder of Uncle Boris (played by David Dencik), it seems that the there is another mob family rising to the top.  At the end of the violent first episode, Alex […]

McMafia review: James Norton's compelling audition for next James Bond

He’s James Norton, latterly of Granchester, Happy Valley and War And Peace. OK, he doesn’t quite have the much sought-after film role (yet) as incumbent Daniel Craig is doing one more movie, but he has done a spectacularly good audition for the British spy character in his latest TV outing, called McMafia. In it, he […]

McMafia star Juliet Rylance shows off her bare breasts as she goes TOPLESS in former role

The London-born actress has a starring role as James Norton’s love interest in the hotly-anticipated BBC programme. And if her previous TV stints have anything to go by, she will attract a lot of viewers. In a resurfaced clip from American drama The Knick, the 38-year-old star stripped off for a steamy sex scene. Playing […]

McMafia: How many episodes are in the BBC series with James Norton?

How many episodes are in McMafia? The BBC drama has eight episodes in total which will be kicking off in the new year. McMafia has been created by Hoseein Amini and James Watkins with the latter directing the entire series.  The creators said of the new show: “McMafia is the story of our contemporary globalised […]

McMafia release date, cast, trailer: When will McMafia air on the BBC?

McMafia is based on the 2008 book of the same name by journalist Misha Glenny, who covers stories on organised crime across the glove. The BBC miniseries follows Alex Godman, the British-born son of an exiled Russian mafia boss. Alex has been educated at a private school in England and runs his own finance firm […]