Kevin McKidd Recounts 'Tearful' Post-Golden Globes Reunion With Former Grey's Anatomy Co-Star Sandra Oh: 'We Hugged for a Long, Long Time'

In the immediate aftermath of Sandra Oh’s Golden Globe co-hosting stint/Lead Actress victory last week, Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd didn’t just shower his former leading lady with congratulations on social media. He brought the message to the Killing Eve star in person. “I hung out with her that night after she won,” McKidd tells TVLine. […]

Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd Hints at What It Means for Owen and Amelia to Stop and 'Press the Reset Button'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t just a biggie for Nathan and Megan, who began their new life together with Farouk in Malibu. It was also huge for Owen, who not only ended his marriage to Amelia but loosened his vise-like grip on his plans for the future. […]