Help from above? Chicago mayoral candidate hands out stacks of cash to voters

Willie Wilson, a millionaire Democrat businessman running for mayor of Chicago, handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to potential voters in a church on Sunday, allegedly to “help them pay property taxes.” Speaking in a black church at an event on Chicago’s crime and poverty-stricken south side, Wilson passed out notes from […]

Russian 4th largest city scraps direct mayoral elections

The city of Ekaterinburg in Russia’s Urals has scrapped direct mayoral elections prompting mass protests. Now instead of a popular vote, the mayor in the fourth largest Russian city will be elected by the city council members. The lawmakers of Sverdlovsk region (where Ekaterinburg is located) voted by 42-4 to abolish direct elections on Tuesday.  […]

Half of Detroit’s mayoral candidates are convicted felons

Four of the eight hopefuls running for mayor on the primary ballot in Detroit, Michigan have criminal convictions. Two were charged with assault involving guns. The candidates say their past motivated them to run for office. One of the contenders, Donna Marie Pitts, 58, has multiple felony convictions. In 1987, she was convicted for her […]

Yvette Nicole Brown Joins ABC's Mayoral Comedy Pilot as Series Regular

Yvette Nicole Brown has a side piece lined up in case CBS hands The Odd Couple divorce papers. The ex-Community actress has joined ABC’s untitled comedy pilot about a struggling hip-hop artist (played by Search Party‘s Brandon Michael Hall) who runs for mayor to promote his mixtape — and wins. Brown will play the newbie mayor’s mother. RELATEDPilot Season […]