Productivity vs Efficiency: Which One Matters More and Why?

In this article you will discover the key difference between productivity and efficiency, and which one will help you achieve your goals. Productivity vs efficiency is a discussion between quantity and quality. A productive person is known as someone who gets things done. Although their accomplishments may be short-lived if they did not build their […]

Money Matters: Moody’s Downgrades Ford to Near Junk

Ford’s been wringing its corporate hands over stock prices for ages. While the market itself is generally rising, the Blue Oval seems to perpetually find itself in Wall Street’s basement. It is arguable that lackluster performance on this front cost Mark Fields his job earlier this year. Things are not looking up in that department. […]

Why Mentoring Matters: A Guide on a Stellar Example for Employees

Finding success in today’s competitive world means taking advantage of every opportunity available to you.While there is a persistent narrative in our culture of the lone wolf or cowboy who plays by their own rules and still succeeds. The reality is that no one makes it to the top completely on their own.Virtually all successful […]

How to Overcome Procrastination and Start Doing What Matters

Before we can solve the problem of procrastination, we must understand why we do it. There are a few basic reasons: Feeling overwhelmed with a situation. Given up hope that a situation can be changed or affected. Afraid of failing. Too “busy” to get the really important things done. Can’t make a decision. Overworked, tired. […]

The Voice Isn't Making Its Alumni Stars, But It Still Matters — Here's Why

Often I’ve read in the comments that follow TVLine’s recaps of The Voice that the show has never produced a star on the same level as American Idol. And I can’t argue that NBC’s sing-off has started any success stories on par with those of Carrie Underwood or Adam Lambert. (Can you imagine Idol poaching […]

Book review – Thriller round up: Dark matters of life and death

PH London Rules and Let Me Lie are some of the best thrillers you could read London Rules (5/5)by Mick Herron John Murray, £12.99 BRITAIN has been rocked by a series of seemingly random terror attacks so the head of MI5 Claude Whelan is trying to protect a beleaguered prime minister from criticism over his […]

Finding Black Panther: Why Marvel’s African Superhero Matters Now More Than Ever

You don’t know me, but picture this: a smallish black boy, aged anywhere between 7 years old and 18 years old (because really, in my mind I grew very little growing up) on the floor of his small bedroom with my back propped against the small toy-box chest in my room. If you’re flying above […]