20 Cool Jobs for Unconventional People (No Matter How Old You Are)

At a certain point in my life, I thought I would be a scuba instructor. Bronzed and toned, living care free in the Maldives mingling with fabulous people. It seemed like a perfectly original undertaking that suited me. After all, there I was just finishing my dive master training on the tepid shores of Costa […]

Resignation matter or fake news? Attack on Corbyn over 'terrorist wreath laying'

The latest anti-Semitism story to hit Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has polarised debate. His critics want him to resign immediately, while supporters are rushing to his defence, denying the accusations and crying ‘fake news.’ Photographs, taken in 2014 and published by the Daily Mail on August 11, show Corbyn holding a wreath at a service in […]

Blue Lives Matter claims Facebook’s ‘fake news’ rules have halved its audience

Blue Lives Matter, a group advocating for greater protections for police in the US, has claimed that Facebook’s new rules to combat fake news has almost halved the number of people it can reach on the platform. The group said that the introduction of Facebook’s quality surveys, in which the platform asks users to rate […]

The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘A Matter of Life and Death,’ ‘Jaws’

This week’s new disc offerings are mighty bleak – the biggest title of the bunch is Ready Player One, easily Steven Spielberg’s worst movie (it’s not even close), a loud, noisy, self-congratulatory mash-up of video game, Transformers movie, and wax museum. The only disc worth recommending is a new Criterion edition of a Powell and Pressburger […]

Could dark matter atoms explain a recent observation?

Early this year, a project called EDGES managed to take the Universe’s temperature at a time when the very first stars were forming. The results were somewhat confusing in that the Universe’s regular matter seemed to be much cooler than we’d expect, based on the energy it had shortly after the Big Bang. If the […]

Dark matter halos may leave twinkling wake in galaxies

Enlarge (credit: NASA, ESA, and M. Mutchler (STScI)) The Universe, according to cosmologists, is divided into three unequal portions. In the big bargain bin near the exit aisle you’ll find dark energy. Dark energy’s job is to push everything apart. There’s lots of it, and no one knows why. Then, next to to dark energy, […]

What is WPA3, why does it matter, and when can you expect it?

This week, Qualcomm announced that it would integrate WPA3 across its portfolio of mobile and networking products, including chipsets for routers, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It’s the newest security suite from the Wi-Fi Alliance, the nonprofit organization that certifies Wi-Fi networking standards, and it’s the successor to WPA2, th…Read More

It doesn’t matter what happens if Trump’s Singapore meeting with Kim Jong Un goes ahead — the North Korean will have won

Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images Despite threatening to pull out of the June 12 summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, North Korea craves the legitimacy the meeting would bring. Traveling by plane to a neutral destination away from the Korean Peninsula could show Kim as a competent world leader. That would […]