5 tips for mastering the complicated role of CMO

GUEST: The CMO role is constantly under fire, despite being one of the most exciting roles in the C-Suite with the greatest opportunity to drive both short and long-term company growth. The role is plagued by a lack of clear definition, misaligned expectations with counterparts, short tenures, and a bevy of responsibilities in emerging areas. […]

Women less interested in sex, except when they ditch “mastering their domain”

Enlarge / Elaine is out. (credit: TBS) A lot of universal truths and life lessons can be found in old episodes of Seinfeld. But in the episode The Contest, the famous ‘90s sitcom may have missed some subtle differences between men and women when it comes to being “master of your domain,” according to a […]

Successful People Make Learning a Daily Habit Effortlessly by Mastering These 4 Tricks

It seems more and more difficult to find people nowadays who love reading books even when they are not forced to. As soon as we get out of school, we are eager to reject any form of learning, including reading books of our own free will: never reading another book in their life seems to […]