Russia hysteria in West has become dangerous & an insult to the masses – analyst to RT

As media organizations and Paris try to link the Yellow Vest rallies to Moscow, analysts tell RT that the demonstrations have nothing to do with Russia, and suggesting otherwise is an insult to the protesters and their cause. Speaking to RT just one day after leaked messages revealed that a BBC journalist tried to find […]

All-nude travel for the masses? Behind the rise of the ‘nakation’

Cam Hassard November 9, 2018 Share this article Tripping or stripping? Roughing it or buffing it? Cam Hassard takes a sans-clothing trip through the burgeoning world of the ‘nakation’. Travel has always sought to reinvent itself. From wellness touring to flashpacking, tornado tourism to ‘ego’ adventures, the latest trend seems to be all about stripping […]

Raj Shah Delivers Trump's Message to the Masses

Raj Shah enters the room, and the nation is watching. That’s the job of delivering the White House press briefing, but there’s added pressure on the day after porn star Stormy Daniels told 60 Minutes she was physically threatened to stay quiet about an affair with the president. The 33-year-old deputy press secretary — filling […]

Renault’s EZ-GO electric car is ridesharing for the masses

Renault has managed to outdo the craziness of the Mercedes F 015 concept with its own driverless concept electric car, the EZ-GO. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, it’s a Level 4 autonomous urban EV with a top speed of just 30MPH. Six passengers enter through the massive front door and can see everything (and […]

The Billionaire Mogul Fighting to Feed Venezuela’s Hungry Masses

You may not know their names, but the world’s Little Known Billionaires wield a hidden economic clout. Read more of this OZY original series. He’s one of Latin America’s most private billionaires. But as Venezuela lurches through the worst economic, social and political crisis in its history, he’s also become something of a Han Solo […]

Nintendo Wii U games mode brings shirtless Mario to Super Smash Bros masses

While things a winding down for the Wii U console as Nintendo move their attentions to the Switch, players are still getting up to mischief. The most recent would be a fresh mod for beloved Wii U game, Super Smash Bros. Having recently seen new images released for upcoming Switch title, Super Mario Odyssey, one […]

2018 Nissan Leaf First Drive | Electrifying the masses

KAMINOKAWA, Japan — After an agonizing trickle of details and teasers, Nissan has finally pulled the wraps off the next generation of the world’s best-selling EV nameplate, the Leaf. But a lot has changed since the original launched in 2010. With the impressive range figures of the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt, the 2018 […]

Last night's TV reviewed: Spoon-feeding the masses

CHANNEL 4 In Parenting For Idiots a cast of famous people share their parenting moments These were quite pleasant occasions, full of barbecued sausages and the exchange of much mirth over the latest embarrassing, horrifying or hygiene-defying exploits of our young offspring.  At another point, though, these events all stopped and not just because our […]