Ozark season 3 spoilers: Marty set to be killed by the Kansas City Mob?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ozark season 3 The season two finale of Ozark saw the Kansas City Mob punishing the Byrdes for backtracking on their deal with the casino. A group of the mobsters were seen blowing up part of Mary Byrde’s (played by Jason Bateman) offices after learning that he had gone […]

Marty Wilde: I’d like to go to Kentucky and Nashville because of their music

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE HOLIDAY? When I was a boy in the late 1940s, we’d stay at a boarding house in Ramsgate on the Kent coast. There was a racing track with cars at the end of the prom and I’d drive around with my father. We’d build sandcastles, take donkey rides and have […]

Back To The Future 4: Could Marty McFly and Doc Brown RETURN for one more film?

In fact, writer Bob Gale went on the record as saying quite clearly that he has no intention to revive the franchise for a Part IV. Still, however, demand has been relentless. Christopher Lloyd even said earlier this year that he would “love” to reprise the role of the Doc, saying: “I can’t see doing […]

Marty Sklar, Legendary Imagineer and Walt Disney’s Right-Hand Man, Dies at 83

Marty Sklar, the legendary Imagineer who learned his craft by working directly under Walt Disney, has passed away at the age of 83. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Disney theme park, you’ve enjoyed the work of this bonafide Disney Legend, who worked on many iconic attractions and oversaw the design and development of numerous theme parks all over […]