The sounds of a Martian sunrise inspire short musical composition

Enlarge / The sonification process involved assigning specific pitches and melodies to such characteristics in the data as brightness, color, and the elevation of the terrain. (credit: YouTube/NASA) NASA’s Mars rover, Opportunity, fell silent earlier this year, but even if it never regains full function, it had one last gift to give. Scientists have transformed […]

Lost Opportunity?: NASA rover threatened by intense Martian dust storm

Fears for NASA’s Opportunity rover are growing after engineers lost contact with Mars’ oldest mechanical explorer during a raging dust storm. NASA confirmed that Opportunity’s subsystems had been knocked off as the Martian storm, which is enveloping the Red Planet and blocking out the sun, continues to intensify. Solar power is essential for the rover […]

Google Maps: Is this bizarre Martian coincidence proof of aliens?

Google Maps and Google Earth have unveiled two striking similarities between a site in Japan and an era of landmass on Mars. The coincidence has even caused some to claim that aliens exist, and have something to do with the two similar shapes. Google Mars allowed users to view the surface of the red planet, […]

Martian Manhunter Movie Could Happen, Says ‘Justice League’ Producer

When Justice League hits theaters this weekend, one traditional member of the team will be absent: the Martian Manhunter. But fret not, Manhunter fans: Justice League producer Charles Roven is totally down for a Martian Manhunter movie. Just when that might happen, however, is anyone’s guess. While the Martian Manhunter has appeared in the animated Justice League, and been […]

Kenya could be the heart of moon colonization, says ‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir — here’s why

Shutterstock Andy Weir, author of “The Martian,” released a novel called “Artemis” on Tuesday. In the book, tourists get to the moon by launching in spaceships from Kenya. Weir thinks building a lunar spaceport in an African country isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Kenya could circumvent out-of-date US space regulations, launch rockets with less […]

‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir solved moon economics to make his new book ‘Artemis’ believable

Samantha Lee/Business Insider “The Martian” author Andy Weir has a new novel about a heist on the moon called “Artemis.” The book, which goes on sale Tuesday, strives for a high level of scientific and economic realism to make its story believable. The author used real-world economics to create a reason his fictional moon colony […]

NASA exploring whether a ‘magnetic tail’ is destroying Martian atmosphere

Published time: 22 Oct, 2017 10:00 Edited time: 22 Oct, 2017 10:10 Plasma explosions from the sun over billions of years have all but stripped Mars of its atmosphere. But a new discovery by NASA shows that remnants of the Red Planet’s magnetic field can be found in the form of a rotating ‘tail’. Invisible […]

Epic Martian solar storm sparks global aurora, doubles planet’s radiation levels (IMAGES)

Published time: 3 Oct, 2017 15:25 Mars was hit by an unexpected blast from the sun in September, doubling radiation levels on the surface and causing an incredibly bright aurora over the planet. The “solar event” took place on September 11, and was observed by Nasa’s missions in orbit and on Mars’ surface. “Nasa’s distributed […]

Lord and Miller’s First Post-‘Han Solo’ Film Will Be ‘Artemis’, From The Author of ‘The Martian’

It’s been three months since the rather shocking movie news broke that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been fired from the Star Wars anthology film focused on Han Solo. Even though a large portion of the filming on Han Solo was complete, disagreements with Lucasfilm resulted in Lord and Miller being let go and eventually replaced […]