R.I.P. Walter Mischel, father of the infamous Marshmallow Test

Enlarge / Finding a distraction is key for young children trying to resist the marshmallow. (credit: Igniter Media) The psychologist who famously demonstrated the importance of being able to delay gratification to achieving later success in life died on September 12 in New York City. Walter Mischel, emeritus professor of psychology at Columbia University and […]

Blu is still outfitting phones with Android Marshmallow in 2017

There are some things that don’t belong in 2017, and a brand-new phone running Android Marshmallow is at the top of that list (well, near the top). Blu, the company that can’t stop producing mid to low-range smartphones, has released its latest device, the R1 Plus. The specs are mediocre at best, but given the […]