A ‘dark money’ super PAC managed to spend $1.3 million without saying where it got its money

Alex Wong/Getty Images The Mountain Families PAC managed to spend $ 1.3 million in May without revealing who was supplying the donation. Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited sums of money in elections, but are required to disclose where the money is coming from.  Donors have gotten around this by starting a new super PAC after the […]

Native Americans managed the prairie for better bison hunts

Enlarge (credit: Alfred Jacob Miller via Wikimedia Commons) Layers of charcoal residue buried beneath the northern Montana prairie show that pre-Columbian indigenous hunters on the Great Plains once burned patches of grassland to stimulate new growth. This created a tempting feast for bison herds, which the hunters then used to lure the bison in for […]

The Lakers just set a new NBA record for shooting futility — and still managed to win

AP Images / Kyusung Gong The Los Angeles Lakers shot 2-for-14 (14.3%) from the free throw line on Friday against the Indiana Pacers, the worst single-game percentage in NBA history. The Lakers were still able to beat the Pacers, who had some shooting woes of their own. The Los Angeles Lakers made the wrong kind […]

How a podcaster managed to confront his tech support scammer, in person

Enlarge / This November 2015 photo appears to be a company photo of Accostings, which Reply All identified as an India-based tech support scam company. Kamal Verma is standing in a black shirt with a watch in the center of the photo. (credit: Kamal Verma) The following post contains spoilers of Reply All episode #102: […]

How the Islamic State managed to get supplies, electricity and food, despite being under siege

Thomson Reuters The WIDO brand saw blade hung on a display shelf in Mosul’s Jadida neighborhood. It fits a 9-kg. circular saw that is sold from a company in Suzhou, eastern China. It struck me as odd, during a reporting trip to Mosul in early May, that somehow it had made its way all the […]

Recommended Reading: How Foursquare managed to survive

The Not-So-Surprising Survival of Foursquare Aaron Gell, The New Yorker When Foursquare split its app in two with a second dedicated to check-ins, the move was questionable to say the least. The company eventually brought its popular mayorships back to Swarm and has largely held on to users as a directory for food and more […]