No Man's Sky Vision update PATCH NOTES: Strange new worlds added with update 1.75

No Man’s Sky has been given a big new update today, as Hello Games introduces the Visions patch to PC and consoles. According to the patch notes, update 1.75 adds new planetary biomes, which are said to create a “weirder, more diverse universe to explore”. Bizarre new creatures can be found on anomalous planets, while new […]

'Insults' to Islam were motivation for Afghan man's attack on 2 Americans in Amsterdam – prosecutors

The man who stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam’s busy Central railway station says he was motivated by insults to Islam in the Netherlands and that he chose his victims at random, according to prosecutors. The 19-year-old Afghan national, identified as Jawed S., said he traveled to Amsterdam from Germany – where he has residency […]

Monkey see, monkey do: Top 10 facts about man's closest evolutionary relatives

1. Monkey Day celebrates monkeys and “all things simian” including apes, tarsiers and lemurs. 2. The Burmese sneezing monkey, discovered in 2010, clears its nose by sneezing when it rains. 3. On the Japanese island of Yakushima, monkeys have been seen riding deer.. 4. Last year the National Portrait Gallery marked Monkey Day by tweeting […]

Jason Bryne Q&A ahead of the Irish funny man's new gameshow on Dave

UKTV Jason Bryne hosts new gameshow Don’t say it, Bring it Pulling members of the public off the street they have to answer questions in an unusual way with a three minute timeframe in order to win the maximum prize money of £1000. Jason who is also currently touring all over the UK with his […]

One Man's Awful Year

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — From his hospital bed in San Juan, Roberto Rodriguez noticed a few days ago that the middle toe on his left foot was looking a little blue. But he can’t feel it anymore — he’s paralyzed from the waist down. “I was telling [my daughter] about the bruise and everything, […]

Once the Poor Man's Pinot, This South African Red Is Back — in Time for the Weekend

The plight of South Africa’s rhinos and elephants is well-known, but the near demise of one of its iconic wine grape varietals is less well-documented. Once the most widely planted red grape in the Western Cape, the country’s wine-growing region, cinsault (often spelled “cinsaut” in South Africa) vineyards were ripped up by the thousand in […]

This Man's Forum Gives a Voice to Nigeria's Feisty Millennials

Scroll through the posts on The Naked Convos, Nigeria’s largest youth blogging platform, and you might find: “As a young woman in my early 20s who loves a good cocktail, f*cking and eating with no desire for emotional responsibility, let’s just say my body count has gone way up. How has that worked out for […]

One Man's Mission

The University of Mosul, which was founded in 1967, was well-regarded in the region — it offered degrees in medicine and engineering, and doctoral research in a number of disciplines, including history and political science. After taking over the university, ISIS militants used the central library space to gather university professors and force them to […]