Google Maps: Street view has captured THIS unfortunate incident for male tourist

Google Maps street view has captured a number of comical images from all over the world. With cars decked out in 360-degree cameras, Google has been driving the streets since 2007 creating a 3D searchable map of the globe. But it’s not just its practical use that has users hooked, the tool has helped uncover […]

Researchers find a gene that lets bacteria kill all male flies

Enlarge (credit: Katja Schulz) A number of bacteria that infect insects have a simple and brutal way of increasing their transmission: they kill off all the male progeny of the females that they infect. There’s actually some evolutionary logic to this. The bacteria can get transmitted to the eggs of the females they infect but […]

‘The Hate U Give’ Recasts Male Lead With ‘Riverdale’ Star After Controversy

If you’ve paid any attention to the young adult book market over the past couple of years, you’re probably familiar with The Hate U Give, author Angie Thomas‘s wildly popular best-seller about a young black woman who becomes an activist after seeing the police gun down her unarmed friend. It’s been a hit since it […]

‘If she was male she would be cleared to play in the GF’

Video ‘If she was male she would be cleared to play in the GF’1:16 AFL: The boys from AFL 360 have raised issues surrounding equality after it came out that Katie Brennan’s suspension for rough conduct would only equate to a fine in the mens game. March 21st 2018 2 minutes ago /display/ news and […]

Male artists explained why they were wearing white roses to the Grammys — and people loved it

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Networks backlash after not asking men on the Golden Globes’ red carpet about their support for #MeToo and Time’s Up At Sunday’s Grammy Awards’ red carpet, E! asked both men and women about their support for the movements. Artists including Sam Smith and Nick Jonas shared their thoughts. Networks faced backlash following the Golden […]

These top male BBC news presenters are in talks to take a pay cut

BBC A number of male BBC presenters will take a salary cut after controversy over the British broadcaster’s gender pay gap, a source told BI. Huw Edwards, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, and Jeremy Vine are reportedly among those who have agreed to earn less. BBC executives will be grilled by MPs next week after presenter […]

For new form of male birth control, scientists turn to poison arrows

Enlarge / Aim carefully. (credit: Getty | Brian Seed ) According to scientists, a poison arrow in the quiver may let loose a very sticky nether-region massacre. The poison in question has spattered from the tips of African weapons for centuries, rubbing out wild beasts and halting the hearts of warriors. But, according to a […]

Women over 25 to be granted visas to visit Saudi Arabia without male supervision

Women aged 25 and over will now be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia without a chaperone, the country’s tourism commission has announced. It’s the latest reform in the easing of restrictions in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom. As long as they meet the age requirement, women will now be able to receive a tourist visa […]

White male ministers will be ‘hoofed out’ by minorities, anti-feminist Tory MP warns

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 12:58 White male ministers are at risk of being shafted, to make way for black and ethnic minority as well as female MPs, Tory MP Philip Davies has claimed, warning that white, male MPs could be “hoofed out” to make way for minorities. UK PM Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, broadly […]