The Division 2 server status update: When will maintenance end and game come back online?

The Division 2 server status doesn’t make for good reading right now, as Ubisoft takes the game offline again. The latest batch of server maintenance coincides with the release of a big new Division 2 update. *The Division 2 UPDATE patch notes REVEALED, as server downtime begins on PS4, Xbox* The servers were taken offline […]

Fallout 76 maintenance: Server status latest as Bethesda game down on PS4, Xbox One, PCs

Fallout 76 is down right now with servers for the Bethesda game offline on PS4, Xbox One and PCs. Fallout 76 went down at 2pm UK time today and Bethesda said they anticipated the PS4, Xbox One and PC game will be down for “several hours”. The Bethesda Support Twitter posted: “@Fallout 76 is undergoing […]

Fallout 76 server maintenance schedule revealed as Bethesda take servers down TODAY

Fallout 76 servers are going down today for scheduled maintenance. Bethesda announced the news earlier today, making a slight change to plans shared by the development team. A new update was expected next week; however, Fallout 76 will now see downtime land later today. This will end in a new update for the PC platform, […]

Floating dock sinks during maintenance of Russian aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov

One of the largest floating dry docks in the world (PD-50) has sunk during the maintenance work on the Russian aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov. No casualties have been reported in the incident, which happened at a ship repair yard just outside of the northwestern port city of Murmansk. According to some reports, however, four employees […]

Fortnite UPDATE: Server Status down for Epic Games 6.20 maintenance

The Fortnite Server status will soon read down following Epic Games announced their plans to take Fortnite offline today. Fortnite will be down for an extended period so that the development team can perform scheduled maintenance. This will end in a new Fortnite update needing to be downloaded on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, […]

Fortnite DOWN: Server Status update and Epic Games maintenance news

Soon, Fortnite servers will be down for scheduled maintenance. It’s expected to take at least an hour for the new update to be deployed, in which time Epic Games will share patch notes. These will include all the details of what is being changed on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Epic Games […]

PUBG 1.0 patch notes and update news as Xbox One maintenance ENDS

Players have been forced to use the PUBG Xbox One test servers for most of today. That’s because Bluehole Inc. has kept the game’s main servers offline so they could launch a new Battlegrounds update. And not just any old update, but the PUBG 1.0 patch that would bring all kinds of new content to […]

PUBG servers DOWN on Xbox One: How long is Battlegrounds offline for 1.0 maintenance?

PUBG is about to release in full on Xbox One, as update 1.0 prepares to go live. But before the release of PUBG 1.0, developer Bluehole is taking the game offline for a marathon maintenance period. Battlegrounds is going offline for 16 hours on Xbox One, starting at 9am BST. The servers will come back […]

PUBG DOWN: Battlegrounds servers offline for new scheduled maintenance

Bluehole Inc. has confirmed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be offline tonight. PUBG servers are being taken down tonight for several hours for scheduled maintenance, meaning it’s a planned outage. Bluehole Inc has confirmed that PUBG will be offline for three hours in total, although there is a chance that this could be reduced or extended. […]