Salvini takes dig at organized crime … by wrecking mafia villa (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants voters to know that he’s tough on crime: And what better way to demonstrate this trait than to help flatten the former home of a mafia clan? Donning a white hardhat, Salvini used a demolition vehicle to take the ceremonial first swipe at a luxury villa illegally built in […]

New software helps uncover Mafia crime masked as ordinary business

The code breaks the silence FOR an inkling of how hard it is for Italian authorities to identify Mafia activity, consider how mobsters disguise the pizzo, or protection payments, they extort. The owner of a business may find that customers have been scared off by a menacing stranger. Within days a mysterious man visits. He […]

New York mafia man miraculously survives point-blank range assassination attempt (VIDEO)

An associate of a New York City crime family has narrowly escaped death after being chased and shot several times by a would-be assassin on the streets of the Bronx, video footage released by police has revealed. Salvatore ‘Sally Daz’ Zottola, a partner in crime of the Bonanno family, which has ruled the streets of […]

The John Gotti of the Russian Mafia

The funeral in Moscow’s 18th-century Vagankovo Cemetery was a blinged-out affair, even by mob standards. Vyacheslav K. Ivankov, aka Yaponchik (“Little Japanese”), was going out in style, like gangster royalty. A hardened survivor of the gulags, the 5-foot-6 mobster was covered with tattoos denoting his high rank in the Russian Mafia — the vory (“thieves-in-law”). […]

Britain behaving like ‘mafia state’ in Skripal case – OSCE ex-VP Willy Wimmer

The UK is exploiting European solidarity and behaving like a ‘mafia state’ by pushing forward warmongering accusations and excluding Russia from the Skripal poisoning probe, the former vice-president of OSCE assembly told RT. Britain’s behavior in the Skripal poisoning scandal is “a major danger to international peace,” believes Willy Wimmer, who held the vp position […]

Soros accuses Trump of seeking ‘mafia state,’ pledges to devote efforts to Europe & US

Billionaire George Soros says he will now devote his efforts to Europe and the US as he believes their ‘open societies’ are in danger. He accused US President Donald Trump of wanting to create a ‘mafia state.’ “I find the current moment in history rather painful,” remarked financial speculator Soros, 87, at the World Economic […]

Nazi bases, mafia hideouts & prisons: Europe’s weirdest makeshift refugee shelters

Two years after the European refugee crisis began, the continent is still struggling to accommodate asylum-seekers, and many countries have resorted to housing new arrivals in offbeat and unlikely shelters. Germany  Germany, the most sought-after destination for refugees and migrants seeking a better life in Europe, was among many nations forced to think outside the […]

‘Cosa Nostra still here’: Mafia don assassinated while biking in Sicily

Published time: 23 May, 2017 01:11 Legendary crime kingpin, Guiseppe Dainotti, who was released from prison last year, was shot dead in broad daylight in a Palermo street by two killers, according to Italian police. “When some people claim the mafia no longer exists or has been destroyed, something always happens to confirm it is […]

Pope washes feet of former mafia in prison during pre-Easter ritual

Pope Francis has washed the feet of more than a dozen inmates during his visit to an Italian high-security prison for former mafia members in a pre-Easter ritual to spread the message of hope and love. The pope celebrated Holy Thursday Mass at the Paliano detention center, the only Italian prison dedicated to specifically housing […]