Macron’s spin director to quit amid scandals and growing Yellow Vest anger

Emmanuel Macron’s communications director, who shaped his message the campaign, has resigned. It is yet another high-profile departure as the president’s rating are down after several scandals and nationwide protests. Citing personal reasons for the resignation, Sylvain Fort said on Thursday that he would leave the job at the end of January, telling France Info […]

He’s not an official: Macron’s office left red-faced explaining ex-aide Benalla’s luxury trip

Days before Emmanuel Macron visited French troops in Chad for Christmas, his scandal-plagued former aide Alexandre Benalla traveled to the African country to meet a top official. And the Elysée palace had some explaining to do. Benalla, who lost his job after his beating of a protester prompted the French president’s ‘Watergate’ scandal, went to […]

Moroccan monarch caught napping during Macron’s WWI centenary speech (VIDEO)

While world leaders marked the centenary of the end of WWI, the gravity of the occasion proved too much for some, as the king of Morocco was filmed dozing off during the ceremony, seemingly irking the US president in the process. King Mohammed VI of Morocco fell asleep during French President Emmanuel Macron’s Armistice Day […]

‘Good for multipolar world’: Putin positive on Macron’s ‘European army’ plan bashed by Trump

Europe’s desire to create its own army and stop relying on Washington for defense is not only understandable, but would be “positive” for the multipolar world, Vladimir Putin said days after Donald Trump ripped into it. “Europe is … a powerful economic union and it is only natural that they want to be independent and […]

One-way love: Trump remains frigid to Macron’s caress at Paris visit (VIDEO)

French President Macron did his best to show through body language that his bromance with Donald Trump was still alive. But the US leader, who came to Paris after calling Macron’s EU army plan “insulting” didn’t seem interested. Emmanuel Macron smiled, winkled and hugged Trump as the two met at the Elysee Palace in the […]

‘Open support for terrorism’: Turkish deputy PM slams Macron’s pro-Kurdish statement

Turkey’s deputy PM has accused France of supporting terrorism by siding with the Kurds. It comes after the French president met representatives of the Syrian Kurdish militias in Paris and expressed his country’s support for them. Emmanuel Macron met a delegation from Syria on Thursday, which included the YPG, the Kurdish militias, as well as […]

Macron’s broken promise? Hundreds still freezing on Paris streets

Hundreds are still stranded in Paris despite the French president having vowed to clear the streets of rough-sleeping migrants by the end of 2017. RT spoke to refugees in the camps, who are still hoping to get asylum in France. When President Macron promised that the public would “no longer see anyone on the streets” […]

Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte shows off slender legs in chic leather trousers

Brigitte Macron is known for her incredibly chic style, and today was no exception. The 64-year-old wife of Emmanuel Macron President of France stepped out in leather trousers.  The former teacher showed off her very slender legs in in the black trousers. In typical fashion forward style the French First Lady wore black biker boots […]

Workers across France protest Macron’s labor reforms

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 05:23 Thousands of people in some 170 French towns and cities took to streets on Thursday to denounce a controversial labor reform promoted by French President Emmanuel Macron as a way to reduce unemployment as part of his pro-business agenda. The law, bound to take effect by January 2018, gives […]

Macron’s approval rating nosedives to 30% in latest poll

Published time: 4 Sep, 2017 20:56 Fewer than one in three French voters are satisfied with the performance of Emmanuel Macron, whose popularity has rapidly collapsed following overwhelming presidential and parliamentary wins earlier in the year. Read more Only 30 percent of those surveyed by YouGov in a poll commissioned by Huffpost and CNEWS said […]