Lucifer season 4: Show SAVED 'by Netflix' and will return for another season

Lucifer, which stars Tom Ellis as the titular character, was cancelled last month leaving fans in shock. While fans were utterly devastated, they began a powerful social media campaign dubbed #SaveLucifer. The campaign was made to entice other networks to pick the show up for a fourth season. Series co-showrunner Joe Henderson tweeted this evening […]

Lucifer season 4: Chloe Decker star teases new storyline amid series 3 finale cliffhanger

Lucifer season three concluded in spectacular fashion when Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) revealed himself as the Devil to homicide detective Chloe Decker (Laura German). The fallen angel had spread his hidden wings when he carried Chloe to safety before going head-to-head with Pierce. It was this epic showdown that confirmed Chloe’s suspicions and made […]

Lucifer season 4: Tom Ellis speaks out on final moment of cancelled FOX series

Lucifer star Tom has confessed that both the cast and crew were left shocked by FOX’s decision. He said that he didn’t expect season three to be the last and they were excited for how the story would progress. “The thing that none of us expected was the cancellation,” Tom said of the show. “So […]

Lucifer cancelled: FOX confirms release date for TWO BONUS episodes 'amid season 4 talks'

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Lucifer bonus episodes, titled: Boo Normal and Once Upon a Time Lucifer will return to the small screen for two last episodes after TV network FOX confirmed the cancellation of the series earlier this month. The episodes, filmed earlier this spring, but were scheduled to air in the […]

Lucifer season 4: Tom Ellis drops biggest hint yet ‘We’re talking to a few people’

Fans of the series took to social media to beg for other networks to pick up Lucifer so that there would be a season four. So far, viewers have not received any news as to whether the show will continue. But lead star Tom has dropped his biggest hint yet that the series could return. […]

Lucifer cancelled: Why didn't The CW save Lucifer?

FOX announced last week that it was canning Lucifer after three seasons. Network executives said that the axing was a “ratings-based decision” rather than anything else. However, outraged Lucifer fans have now started a social media campaign to Save Lucifer. Ever since the programme was dropped, the Save Lucifer campaign has been gaining support and […]

Lucifer Boss Talks Series (?) Finale's Big Reveal, the Scene that Broke His Heart, Plan for 'Bonus' Episodes

For Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson, the past few days have been “nuts” — starting with Fox’s cancellation of the drama after three seasons, which then sparked the #SaveLucifer campaign. “You go from depression to excitement…,” he shares. “It’s been a lot!” The fan effort to find Lucifer another home has been both “humbling” and “heartwarming” […]

Lucifer 'Prankster' Lauren German Previews Chloe's Upcoming Conflicts

This week on Fox’s Lucifer (Mondays, 8/7c), Chloe’s relationship with one of the men in her life heats up — but to what possibly “shady” end? The detective will also confront her partner in crimesolving about his meddling behavior, and in what exactly it’s rooted. VIDEOSLucifer Casts House Alum as Ella’s Invisible (?!) Friend TVLINE […]